Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So You May Think All We Do Is Ride

Veterans, Homeless, Homeless Veterans, Our Troops, Battered Women and Children, Animals, Native Americans, Diabetes, Leukemia, Cancer, Children's Hospital, Children's Athletics, Childhood Diseases,  Teen Challenge, Youth Ministry, to name several reasons are why some of us ride. A collective effort is being made for all these different causes, but that shouldn't surprise you, that is what motorcycle riders do. At least most of the one's We have met. Part of what we look for in a rider for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a willing heart to help others. And we have got an amazing team of people working really hard to make a difference in other peoples lives this year. So pick a rider, a cause, read their biographies and dig into those pockets and help us help others.

Collectively reported so far we have raised $45,969.44

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