Thursday, May 12, 2016

Meet the Rider: Mac Mc Arthur # 718

Mac # 718 has participated in the 2012 and 2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s but due to physical and medical health issues was unsuccessful in completing either event but fully intends to complete the 2016 challenge from the Pala Casino in Pala, Ca. to Wolf’s Run on the Seneca Reservation in NY. He learned about the event at a HOG Chapter meeting from former rider # 658 Bob Vincent. He looked into what the HHMC was and decided because of the relationship with the Native Americans and the long distance riding it was something he could support. Recently retired in 2012 he set out on a 4 week adventure that included his journey with the HHMC. 

He recalls how in 2013 when the ride started at Wolf’s Run and headed up to Canada that rider # 91 Dave Lutes stuck with him while he was having medical issues and made sure he was safe. He was falling asleep and knew he needed to do what was best for his safety, although he remembers the mosquitoes made sleeping very difficult. 

Mac has been riding since 1968 and will be riding his Ultra limited and recommends the HHMC to his riding friends with the Submarine Veteran’s Organization and Silent Serves MC and recently asked if anyone wanted to ride HHMC with him this year and it was a unanimous “NOPE!” He agrees is does take a special kind of rider to take on this challenge. He has been advised not to over pack and recommends new riders find a veteran rider who would be willing to “take them under their wing” so they do what’s right.  He has started asking his friends to help him support the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce by supporting him per mile or just donating to his efforts. 

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  1. First item on my bucket list; Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!