Monday, May 9, 2016

Meet the New Rider: David Peters # 861

Dave # 861 was curious about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after seeing the website. Following the rides the challengers do he decided to ride with the HHMC memorial ride from Red Cloud, NE going through the geographic center of the United States in Lebanon, KS and into Hot Springs, SD. Challengers like gypsy’s were camping on the property of the founders of the HHMC and even had the option of sleeping in the tepee. Cowboy coffee in the morning, and camp fires at night, where family fun and fellowship was all over the grounds. The ONLY motorcycle group allowed to parade through down town Sturgis for the 75th Anniversary of Bike Week. 446 miles of formation riding without a hiccup, "who wouldn’t want to ride with these people?" 

Riding a 2007 Ultra Classic Dave knows this is not a ride for everyone and although he has lots of riding experience he is not sure what to expect. “Be yourself, be honest, and be helpful.”

To help this first time ride with the expenses of his epic ride you can use this pay pal link. And he has found a new sponsor Neon Cycle In St. Louis, MO.
Or if you would like to donate to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation you can use this link.

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