Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Todd Pesnell # 864

Todd # 864 is good friends with Walter Ledig # 290 who has been talking about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge since 2010 when he rode his first event.  Not sharing the details of the ride as much as the great people, places and things he saw on the ride, Todd says Walter wants it to be a surprise for him. “But you sure can tell he likes it.”  He has been dying to try the event but just couldn’t carve out the time to do the ride. He calls this the “real deal.” He anticipates a change in himself from doing the ride knowing how he will be hearing the voice of the Great Creator.
Todd grew up riding motor cross so motorcycles are not a new thing for Todd. He will be riding what he calls the “prettiest bike ever made” his 2008 CVO Anniversary Edition Ultra Classic. Being advised not to “bring too dam much” and looking at the HHMC as something like the Fast and the Furious, he knows he won’t need a whole lot. Turning his skivvies inside out two or three times is part of his plan.

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