Monday, May 2, 2016

Meet the Rider: Dan Certa # 732

Dan #732 rode the 2012 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and is looking forward to riding again this year. He learned about the HHMC from fellow Coastie and daughter of rider #383 Junie Rose. Carly was filling out Dan's exit paperwork and asked him what he was going to do with his retirement time and he said he was going to ride his motorcycle. Sharing what her Mom had encountered with the event he agreed it was definitely something he had to try. The scenery Dan saw was the most memorable part of his adventure and although sleeping on the side of the road seemed strange he became very familiar with it very quickly. Altitude was Dan's biggest struggle causing him some difficulty he had not expected. “Enlightening” is how he describes the challenge and has made lots of new friends. He enjoyed the dichotomy of the challenge going from rural country side to towns and cities.
He enjoys the anticipation of what is coming up between check points and is “never disappointed.” The best advice he was given was when someone asked “Why are you bringing a tent, you’re not going to need it?”  So his best advice to new riders is don’t bother with the tent and get the rest you need and budget your time.  

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  1. Good stuff... and yes, don't waste space and time with a tent.