Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Michael Thomas # 845

Mike # 845 while having breakfast in Hollywood, FL. and eves dropping on a group of drill team riders conversation inquired how he could find out more and one of the drill team members was Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge's very own Capt. Bob # 738 who throughout the conversation told him about the HHMC and just happened to be meeting up with a few more riders and was baptized into the family. For Mike it is a personal conquest. After serving 15 years in the Merchant Marines is ready get on his first HHMC and successfully complete the 2016 challenge.
With the help of friend Kevin Marchand #806 getting his 2014 Police bike ready to ride he is taking this seriously and is prepared mentally and feels it takes a special type of individual to do the HHMC.


  1. Thanks for the sexy profile...but we need to get the record straight. Although I am a former Marine, it's the MERCHANT MARINE that I've been serving in for the past 15 years. As for my "first Harley"...I've been riding Hogs since the '70s. Hey it's all good!

  2. Nice to meet you today mike! Check out my facebook page for some encouragement from adk hog! Hope things are going well. We are all routing for ya!