Friday, February 7, 2014

Exceeding Your Limits

Every rider knows that when riding a motorcycle we put ourselves at risk.  We can infer from our own personal experience that our biggest hazard is distracted drivers.  The simple fact is the only practical thing we can do about distracted drivers is to reduce the number of them by not being distracted while we operate our own vehicles; whether it’s our car or motorcycle.  However, a distracted driver is not our only nemesis.
For those of us who have participated in the Hoka Hey we know it involves many consecutive days of long hours while riding endless miles.  The Hoka Hey Challenge is just that; a Challenge, not to be confused by any stretch of the imagination with a race.  If it were not a challenge we would have to change the name to something like “The Hoka Hey Meander.”   I think we can all agree that doesn’t quite cut it.
The Challenge requires that you push the envelope and exceed your perceived limit, but you are the only one who can determine where your outer-most limit is.  Most of us can put on our big boy pants and ride for miles and miles day after day, but at what point do we exceed our outer-most limitations.  When does clarity of thought and responsible riding attitude get clouded by pride resulting in us doing something we would not normally do that exceed safe limits?  The Hoka Hey Challenge is not an exercise for the weak or those easily discouraged, but it is an exercise in stamina.
Distracted cagers may be our biggest foe, but it is not our only foe.  If you fail to ride with Honor, Integrity and Respect you may be your own worst enemy.  Ride safely, ride responsibly and when pushing the limit do so with an understanding that at some point that limit can be exceeded.
As mentioned many times the Hoka hey Challenge is not a race.  To bring that fact to light we have eliminated cash winnings as a prize for those who reach the finish line first and we have also re-affirmed the Hoka Hey Terms and Conditions.  That is not to say the first to ride across the finish line is the winner; winners are those who ride with Honor, Integrity and Respect throughout the course.