Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet the Rider: Chris Drake # 190

Chris #190 is one of 10 riders to have ridden all of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s. He started riding the HHMC after his wife Sue read about it in FullThrottle and said “You should do this” and Chris “didn’t have anything better to do” so off he went.  “Hanging out” is his favorite part of the challenge. He finds resting in church parking lots and gas stations are best for him especially after being rousted awake by a New Hampshire police officer who told him to “get moving.”  Chris says he has worn out a few motorcycles doing the HHMC’s but finds it relaxing being out on the road on his bike. He was not a Harley rider but when he saw that he was required to ride an American made bike for the event he went out and bought his Electra glide.  Following the advice he was given to enjoy the ride and not take it too seriously Chris has continued to honor the HHMC with his participation.  He advises new riders to get plenty of rest and wear protective gear.
Chris is not “real social” but his wife is, so she keeps him informed about what is going on in the social media world and plans to make a contribution to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce himself. His love for traveling has made the HHMC a priority because he has never been disappointed with the journey.

Meet the New Rider: Lee Wiscombe # 834

Lee #834 from British Columbia is “addicted to riding motorcycles.”  He wants to get it all done at once and just loves the wind in his face. After going to the Big Sky Harley Davidson in Great Falls, MT dealer the day after the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge riders had been through as a check point in 2014’s challenge and all the talk about what it was Lee knew this was something he needed to do. He was so excited about doing the event his enthusiasm helped him recruit his friend Ray to try the challenge as well.
Riding his 2012 Road glide he knows to expect the unexpected and “get use to getting lost.”  Looking forward to meeting all the new people at the starting line in Ca.  

Meet the Rider: Chuck Marble #85

Chuck #85 is among the 10 riders to participate in all the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after seeing a poster at House of Harley in Anchorage, Alaska. No one there really knew anything about it so he did a little research, found a phone number and called Beth. She told him it was going to be a “Once in a life time experience.”  2010 was not a good year for Chuck after crashing in the everglades on day one he was forced to end what was to be an epic ride after riding his Ultra classic all the way from Alaska. Not willing to be defeated he signed up for the “Granddaddy” of HHMC’s in 2011 riding the contiguous 48 states and two provinces.  Passing each other several times before joining forces Chuck and Junie Rose #383 (who had not made it to Alaska that first year either) arrived in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia together to a small but sincere welcoming committee.  Chuck realized his limitations and was determined not to give up despite obstacles he encountered over several events such as ending up in a tick infested swamp in Minnesota. Matt Wolf #785 and Chuck picked the ticks off each other after getting the bike back on the road and Chuck realized with a “tank of gas and a roll of duct tape” a HHMC could do anything.
Fatigue is real according to Chuck and should be heeded. He feels the HHMC has been a life changing adventure where age nor gender are a factor and spends time passing out flyers and talking to fellow riders he feels may have the “itch for long distance riding.” Renegade Harley Davidson has been helpful as sponsors with parts for his bike and discounts on labor.  Sharing a passion for the Pine Ridge Indian reservation he has helped with making a connection to “Gleaning for the World” so blankets could be donated by the truck load.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet the Rider: Greg Shafer # 186

Greg #186 of Camdenton, MO. has ridden in four of the five Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s but it wasn’t until 2012 he saw his first finish line. And still refers to the event as the Honka Hey! After running into someone in a bar who was intending on riding from Key West, Fl. to Homer, Ak. Greg realized this was something he had to try. No one really knew what we were in for that first year but all had “our own opinions” about it. Being rear ended not once but twice by the same driver in Georgia while the driver argued with a girlfriend on the phone and another accident in AZ. that fortunately for him Bill Aviles and Kelsey Dowell realized someone had gone off the road because of the dust they saw on the side of the road, probably saved his life. Bill immediately kicked into his EMT mode having emergency life saving equipment with him was able to have Greg airlifted to a hospital close to the accident.
Oh but 2013 was the year Greg would finally see the finish line and spend time with fellow riders enjoying the end of the road  on the Seneca Indian Reservation at Wolf’s Run where Willie and Sally put on a end of the road party like no other. Fireworks, food and fun was had by all including Greg this time. He has found himself “babbling for hours“ with people about the HHMC because it has been life changing for Greg. Making the ride your own is the advice he gives to new riders. “Every choice you make out there is something you have to live with.”
While sitting in a bar in FL. Greg heard a guy say “whose bike is that with the HHMC sticker on it?” When he said it was his the guy said “I want to sponsor you.”  Ames oil was his first sponsor and Greg proudly displayed their sticker on his bike and ran their oil in his ride.

Meet the New Rider: Ray Stenberg #835

Ray #835 of Red Deer, Alberta, has made the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge a challenge between himself and friend Lee Wiscombe #834 to see who gets to the finish line first or “just who finishes.” They were together in Sturgis when they ran into a HHMC rider whose bike indicated “it had definitely been ridden.” So in talking to this rider they decided to check it out and signed up to ride the 2016 event from Pala, Ca. to Wolf’s Run on the Seneca Indian Reservation. 

Looking forward to the camaraderie he has heard about of like minded riders Ray will be riding his 2009 Street glide that he is “still putting together” but has until June so he’s got this. He has been told the HHMC “it’s a Challenge to makes good riders better.”  He has had offers for sponsorship but rather than having sponsors he suggested they make a donation to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.