Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Meet the Riders of 2018

We are not that far off from kicking up some dust in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. Interviews are being finalized and the elite riders of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge have been selected for the 2018 challenge. As we did in the 2016 challenge we will feature each rider so You the reader can get to know a little about why we not only chose them, but They chose us. There is something about the type of rider this challenge seems to attract that seems almost crazy to others. Setting the bar a little higher for the long distance rider. Riders that aren't even sure what they are looking for but feel they can find it riding the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.

So that being said stand by to meet the new riders and returning riders and see what they have to say about why they want to give the 2018 event a go.