Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Think and Look for State Troopers

That’s really all there is to do while we ride; think and look for State Troopers.  We gander at the scenery but most of our visual effort will focus on the road and subsequent hazards associated with it.  As we gain experience riding, our situational awareness becomes automatic and reflex driven; which leaves the thinking.  With me the thinking centers on past events, future hopes and who I really am. We cannot hide from ourselves.  We can foster a facade to those around us and some may even accept that as who we are, but the facade and who we really are often different; to varying degrees.  Those long rides offer an opportunity to evaluate ourselves or our position in life and from that we are offered a choice.  We can stay as we are and build on the facade or we can bring our true self closer to the person we want to be.  That is what the Hoka Hey Challenge offers; opportunities to get close to yourself and your thoughts and from that (hopefully) become a better person.

 To me the Hoka Hey Challenge means Honor , Integrity, Tenacity, Determination, Strength… the list can go on.  We, as individuals, are the only ones who can truly live these attributes.  We can pretend to have these, but we know who are really are.  Come take the Hoka Hey Challenge and use the opportunity to truly know yourself and from that very special education become a better person.  It is said one person cannot change the world.  I disagree as more often than not it is the single person who has the most effect.

Join Us.  This year there is no entry fee so never before has the opportunity come so close to your reach.