Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Resolution

On the 1st day of each year many of us make a New Year’s Resolution.  This practice dates back centuries.  The ancient Babylonians promised to return borrowed objects and/or pay old debts.  During Medieval times the knights of legend took the “peacock vow” which was a statement to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry.  Our current day resolutions often center on self improvement.  I have heard that new gym memberships are at their highest around the first of the year.  I suspect that has something to do with some well meaning resolution.

Sadly, with many of us, the well meaning resolution often lives a very short life.  Our level of dedication to our resolution meets an obstacle and the obstacle wins.  More often than not we are our own obstacle.  I’ve made resolutions every year for more years than I can remember; I don’t recall living up to many of them with any level of accomplishment.  The only person I can blame for that failure is me.  To succeed takes total commitment.  Total commitment, much like the Hoka Hey Challenge, is a difficult thing; not at all easy.

We all seek self-improvement, but I think our “annual” focus on our resolution may be a mistake.  A commitment to improve ourselves, whether it is in the area of finances, health or a better outlook on life is not a onetime or "annual" thing; it must be re-affirmed each and every day.  I would submit that some resolutions require a re-commitment every hour of each day.

I ask that you join me in my New Year’s Resolution; actually, there are two of them which are going to take a significant commitment from us all.  The first resolution is to commit to the Hoka Hey philosophy and second to compel at least one other to join you in the 2014 Hoka Hey Challenge.   Join me in this endeavor; to ride safe and to ride with integrity with an attitude toward applying yourself to the betterment of our fellow brothers and sisters; that, in a nutshell, is the Hoka Hey philosophy.

The betterment of mankind often starts with the actions of one person.

Happy New Year to my Hoka Hey Brothers and Sisters; ride safe and ride with integrity.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Perfect Gift

What with everything else going on in the world today there are some of you who may have missed the flash message that Christmas is coming.  I recently got the memo and have been wondering what to get my wonderful wife for Christmas.  Every man wants to get his wife the perfect gift.  My wife asked for a specific gift a month or so ago and that gift has been acquired, but that gift does not count.  The gift I have acquired is one she asked for and apparently the “perfect gift” must be something I thought of all by myself while listening to things she said throughout the year (go figure).  Beware of the comment, “Don’t worry about getting me anything, you do so many wonderful things all year long… you do not need to get me any Christmas presents.”  That comment is a trap that far too many men have fallen into; you see their faces on milk cartons at every breakfast table.

So, I search for the very elusive “perfect gift” that is as hard to find as King Solomon’s Mine.  Come to think of it, Solomon’s Mine would be a pretty phenomenal gift, but it is too late in the season to work the logistics on that so maybe next year.

I went on line last week to find the perfect gift.  I went to Google and typed in, “the perfect Christmas gift for wife” and anxiously awaited the results.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Google may not be as useful as people think.

I found the “Kiss Me Goodnight Personalized Pillowcase” which made no sense, my wife reminds me every night to kiss her goodnight; she does not need a pillowcase to remind her to remind me.

I found the “Woman’s NFL Replica Jersey” which is another oddity.  I have never sat and watched a single game on TV my whole life; sorry, not into televised sports at all.  Getting this would not only make my wife wonder where her real husband was, but I think any gift that has the word “replica” in the title may be asking for trouble.  How can it be perfect if it’s a replica?

I found the “Personalized Photo Mosaic Collage” which I guess would be OK, but I never went to collage so that would be like hanging a fake diploma on the wall.

A “Picnic Backpack” was provided as a potential candidate for the perfect gift.  What?  Not only will she be cooking the food, but I’m going to make her carry it herself to a park… that’s just dumb.  The chances of me never leaving the park alive would be staggering.

The “WineRack Sports Bra” is something I will not try to describe… I will tell you it came with its own straw.  Let your imagination run wild and whatever you come up with might come close.  I actually thought about this for a while, but then felt it unfair to put my wife in a situation where she would have to explain to the homicide detective how this thing got shoved down my throat.

The “Bathing Beauty Pin-Up Personalized Art Print” was actually listed under the “perfect wife gift” section.  Next to that was the “Your Faces on Adam and Eve Artwork” piece.  I’m almost certain these things are sold by divorce lawyers looking to drum up business.

There was the Holocaust Survival Guide (can’t make this stuff up), the Nighttime Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Brace (don’t ask, I got no clue), the New York Yankees Toaster (bread not included), an All-Terrain 100QT Chest Cooler (not to be confused with the WineRack Sports Bra), the Zombie Head Glass Skull Decanter, the Strange Attractor Magnetic Thinking Putty (again, no clue) and my favorite, the Ft Lauderdale Jetpack Flight Experience.

Surprisingly enough, I did not find the perfect gift.  If, after Christmas Day, you do not hear from me, please call out the cadaver dogs.  I’m sure if my wife ends my existence I will deserve it, but I would at least like my carcass recovered and presented for a decent burial.
 Merry Christmas to you all. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Minute Donations for 2013 Taxes

With the end of the year getting close you may want to consider a last minute charitable donation for 2013 tax purposes.  A donation to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce under the name of Hoka Hey will help us with our efforts to enhance the living conditions and employment opportunities for the residents of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Donations can be made to Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce by going to and clicking on the “Donations” link.  Money collected will be used to provide scholarships to local residents for trade schools or community college enrollment.   Every dollar collected helps us meet our goal.  Your assistance is needed and greatly appreciated.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hoka Hey Partners with Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce

The Medicine Show LLC, Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce join together to promote awareness about the plight of Indian People around the Nation.
Most people can’t begin to comprehend the unacceptable state of affairs that exist on Indian Reservations in the US and while there are a number of very fortunate Indian Nations whose people earn a very good living; there are a staggering number of residents in the reservation system that live in dismal conditions which rival and even surpass that of many Third World countries.
The Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce in Pine Ridge, SD is a voluntary non-profit corporation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by creating, sustaining and enhancing Indian owned businesses.  Applying the Lakota values of Honesty, Wisdom, Respect, Courage, Fortitude, Responsibility, and Generosity to the economic setting, the Chamber intends to empower people and create hope for a brighter future.  Ivan Sorbel, Chamber Director states, “The Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce is an association of business people who understand the importance of partnering with like-minded organizations to accomplish the goals and the mission they’ve set forth.”
One of those like-minded organizations is the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.  The next annual Hoka Hey Challenge begins on July 20, 2014 and covers a little over 7,500 miles between Key West, FL and Homer, AK – using a new route to connect two favorite destinations.  Beth Durham of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is careful to confirm that people don’t have to participate in the Challenge in order to help the cause partnered between Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.
“The Chamber isn’t about making handouts. It is about empowering the people who live there to make the reservation a better place in which to live, work, and raise a family.  It is a huge undertaking and we are glad for the help from Medicine Show LLC and the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge participants.” Said Sorbel.
Any one that is interested in helping can go to the Chamber website at to donate.  This year’s goal is to raise a minimum of $20,000 which will be used to establish a scholarship fund, create small business grants and institute a Skills Camp for high school students in order to help them become more employable.
The Medicine Show LLC and the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge are proud to help the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce with their efforts throughout the coming months in an effort to remind everyone that we can all do just a little bit more.
For more information about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge please visit their website at
To learn more about the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce, or to make a donation, please go to

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Too Commercial?

The Christmas Season, regardless of your religious beliefs, used to focus on spreading joy to your fellow man; I personally believe that is still the focus.  However, some might argue there are clear indicators that life as we know it is in a spiral dive because of selfishness and greed; "Christmas has gone commercial" they say.  They might continue the debate and say society as a whole has taken a turn for the worse and we have gone from a "giving of ourselves" nation to a "what you gonna give me today" nation.  The nightly news is an endless display of self-centeredness, but only because the self-centered are the only ones making the news.

I believe the selfless and caring individual outnumbers the selfish by leaps and bounds.  It only appears otherwise because the selfless are seldom seen.  Why?  Because the selfless are usually humble as well and have no desire to be in the spotlight.

While surrounded by the mayhem and all the self-centered people we deal with, it is hard to maintain what is referred to as, "The Christmas Spirit."   A perfect example is that guy that rings the bell outside the shopping mall.  It's nothing personal, but that guy really gets on my nerves sometimes; it seems they start earlier each year.  As a child it was a novelty to see them a few days before Christmas; now they hit the streets before Thanksgiving.  I'd give them more money if they would just stop ringing that bell.  OK, I'm being a little sarcastic here as I know they serve a purpose; they collect money for… actually, who do they collect money for?

The trick is to, regardless of outside pressures and problems, maintain a level of compassion for our fellow man.  We might think mankind needs to be fixed, and maybe it does, but fixing mankind is not our responsibility; that responsibility rests with a much higher power (not to be confused with the government).

Our responsibility is to care for and protect our family, our friends and our neighbors.  We may not be able to fix mankind or stop the perceived spiral dive, but we can help our neighbor and we can help our family.  Take time this Christmas Season to extend a helping hand and spread a little joy in your neighborhood.

And, if you want to eliminate the stress of the "Nightly Christmas Crowd Shopping Mall Fights" I have the perfect solution; don't shop at the shopping mall.  Buy your stuff on-line.  You can start by going to the Hoka Hey On-Line Store and buy special gifts for those special people; or maybe even those not so special people.

Hoka Hey On-Line Store

Special Gifts  for those special people

If you do go to the shopping mall and come up to that guy ringing that very irritating bell... drop a few coins in the bucket, look him in the eye and wish him a Merry Christmas; he's just trying to get by; just like you.

Merry Christmas to the Hoka Hey Family

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memories From HHMC 2011 Rider 645



     Rolled 100mph out of hell into Yosemite in the middle of the night, gave a hooker a ride for some directions heading into San Francisco, camped with some brothers beneath a bridge in downtown 'Frisco, met a buffalo magnet in CA, (love u Carla DuBois), bounced off a guard rail on the Pacific coast, fell out of my hammock when my dad, (who had just passed away), sounded off with his daily Rise and Shine announcement near Redwood National Forest, heard war cries on Hwy 12 in Montana, froze my arse waiting for the gates to open to climb Beartooth Summit, embraced and lifted by nephews, nieces, a sister, my mother, and brother at an outrageous early hour in Milwaukee, WI when I thought I was finished, Fired upon shattered windshield knocked out two front teeth in Las Vegas, New Mexico, met a brother from another mother Jeff Isham and whooped it up at Barbarossas Bar and Camp in TN, felt the earth move from an earthquake on the E Coast, had fun getting lost in New York City, paid $12 for a pack of smokes in Nova Scotia, chased home looking at a hurricane in my rear view mirror, and too many other memories to mention living in the dark recesses of my brain to one day awaken me in the middle of the night when am old and gray to remind me to Say GOT DAMN WHAT A RIDE!!!!! Hoka Hey!


Rider 645, Hoka Hey 2011

Unfinished Business - Rider 618

From Rider 618

I have to say, connecting with the Hoka Hey Family has changed my outlook on the world. Riding in the Hoka Hey Challenge is more than a long distance challenge; it’s a moving experience that has set deep emotional ties to a group of people I don’t even know.

I became involved three years ago as a rider (618) thinking that winning the challenge was the goal. I spent many hours on the course, sometimes with other riders in view, and other times spending hours alone. During these times I knew it was about something other than winning, at least for me. I was unable to finish the course on my motorcycle that first year, but knew I had to be at the finish line for the other riders. I drove my truck to the finish to show support and raise awareness for the Indian Nations that the Hoka Hey Challenge is all about.

I have not been able to separate myself from the family of riders and supporters of the Challenge from that time on. I was unable to finish the second year due to a thoughtless driver that chose my side of the road instead of his own. The Spirits that watch after the Hoka Hey riders and the prayers of the Warriors, allowed me peace and the will to continue into the third Challenge.

I completed the third Challenge with the comfort of many of the family members that I only know by the Warrior symbols we display on our iron horses. I was blessed to be asked to the services for Chief Red Cloud and was honored to be there. I spend my time talking to others about the Challenge, the plight of the Indian Nations we traveled through, and the courage of the Native people I have met along the way. The emotional and spiritual connection made along the way will far outweigh any other symbol of completion.

To those who disagree with the purpose of the Hoka Hey Challenge, I ask that the next time you travel through a National Forest, you take a moment to thank the Native American that were forced to give up their home, land, and way of life as they knew it. Look into the true reason the Hoka Hey Challenge should be part of your life and lend a helping hand wherever needed.

Thank you,

HHC Rider 618

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Attitude of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving season is upon us.  However, Thanksgiving is not a date on the calendar; it is an attitude.  When you complain about your lot in life do you do it in the comfort of your own home?  When you talk to a friend about how horrible you have it do you do it on your new iPhone?  While watching TV on your flat screen plasma do you sulk about the things you do not have?  When you complain "on-line" do you do it with your very own computer?  Do you complain because you have to get up in the morning and go to work?  Are you seeing a trend here?
If you have these things (computer, iPhone, house, job, TV) and you are not happy then you have no concept of what poverty is.  If you place your happiness in the acquisition of material things then you have missed the point of life and will never find happiness.  If your “thankful for” comments include these things (computer, iPhone, house, job, TV) then again, you are missing the point.
Some of the happiest people I know have nothing because they do not place their happiness in tangible objects.  Their happiness is based on those things that, apparently, elude many of us.
Be thankful for the things that matter; health, family and freedom.  Do not strive to acquire material things; strive to attain honor, integrity and compassion.
It is who we are that matters, not what we have.  This was said best by Chief Red Cloud, Chief of the Oglala Lakota of the Sioux Nation.

“I am poor and naked, but I am the Chief of the Nation.  We do not want riches, but we do want to train our children right.  Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world.  We do not want riches.
We want peace and love.”
Chief Red Cloud (1822 - 1909)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage month.  I guess it is good that a month is set aside to honor Native Americans but I would submit if we do not honor the Native American every month then we have fallen short of our obligations.  The trials and level of oppression suffered by the Native American cannot be measured.  I challenge you to name a treaty signed in good faith by the Native American that was not broken directly or indirectly by the Government of the United States.
It would be impossible to repay the debt we owe.  Subsequently, I do not believe the Native American expects this debt to be paid, but they do want to be recognized as valued citizens and be acknowledged for the efforts they put forth that advanced this nation.
Before contact with Europeans the Native Americans had cities larger than many of the European cities of the time.  They had functional sanitation systems when Europeans were dumping chamber pots into the streets.  In Europe, while the rich feasted and the poor starved, the Native American successfully created a culture where all, from the very young to the old and inform, were well cared for.  The Native American had complex forms of government; the Haudenasaunee People’s Confederacy (Iroquois) served as a base line for our Constitution.  Even today, 70% of the worlds crops originated in the pre-European Americas.  Native American women were equal to their male counterpart a thousand years before European women began to fight for their equal rights.  I think it important to add here the Native American women did not have to "fight" for their rights.  Surely the first European settlers would have died that first winder were it not for the charitable efforts of the Native American.  The list is endless.
Without the endeavors of the Native American this country may very well have fallen years ago.  Notably the Native American Code Talkers; many are aware of the Code Talkers of WWII, but many are not aware that the “Code Talkers” were implemented in WWI.  In 1917 the 10,000+ Native Americans who served in the Expeditionary Force were not considered citizens of the United States; their native language considered obsolete.  However, within 24 hours after the Choctaw Code Talkers sent their first message during WWI the tide of battle turned and the U.S. drove the Germans out of Foret Ferme, France?  The implementation of the Choctaw language as “code” was so great that all 18 Choctaw Code Talkers were promised medals for their valor and ingenuity; but medals were not given when promised and only in 1986 were the families of these brave men finally recognized with much deserved citations by the U.S. Government.  In 1989 the French Government followed through with honors by presenting the “Chevalier de L’Ordre National du Merite” which is the highest honor the French Government presents; equal to the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Much of history has re-written the fact that it was the Native American who invented the calculator, the calendar, pyramids, rubber, kayaks and many natural medicines in use today can be traced back to the Native American.  Native Americans invented the wheel, snowshoes as well as 12 writing systems.   Again, the list goes on and on.
Over the past 200 years the great nations of the Native American have been reduced to patches of land in some of the worst and most inhospitable areas of the U.S. due to lies, greed and deceit.  Paying tribute is only the first step; join Hoka Hey in our efforts to rhelp ebuild the Native American Heritage.
Pay tribute where tribute is due.

Friday, November 8, 2013

To Our Veterans

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 a cessation of hostilities was declared between Germany and the Allied nations.  The Great War, the war to end all wars had ended.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  All who walked away from that war, both veterans and the families of the thousands that never came home, believed they had actually fought the last war.  Sadly, we know that to be inaccurate.

Thousands upon thousands of American Soldiers have fought and died in armed conflict since that day in 1918; and it continues today.  This is neither the time nor the forum to discuss the virtues or evils of war, but it is the time to honor those who willingly stood in harm's way as well as those who still stand in harm's way.

Only those who have served and who have walked in that valley of death that is a war zone know the true cost of service.  Fighting for our country is part of what we do, but the true purpose for our efforts while in that valley is to fight beside and protect the brother and sister who serve with us.  I salute my brothers and sisters who have stood and are still standing in the line of fire.

Take a moment this week and seek out a veteran.  No words need be spoken - no pat on the back is required, no grandiose jesters please.  Just a nod of the head and a quick shake of the hand to let the veterans know they are still appreciated and their efforts have not been forgotten.

You can also Sponsor a Veteran for the Hoka Hey Challenge.  Sponsoring a Veteran tells them and their family that they have not been forgotten and that their service is appreciated.  As a business, if you sponsor a Veteran, your logo will be prominently displayed on the Veteran's motorcycle throughout the challenge.  For more information go to Sponsor a Veteran.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dark Days Are Coming

     As much as we try to force our will on the seasons we will never be able to eliminate the cold months and adverse road conditions of winter.  Some, based on your location, are immune to such horrible things.  However, for those of us in the nether regions, we stand at our window and stare in disbelief as the first snow flake gently falls to the ground.  We hear it laughing at us as it passes by the window pane.  We defiantly stare it in the face and quietly whisper, "you suck."  We mope around the house with no direction or focus in life.  We seek counsel from our friends in an effort to gain from them a sense of understanding - why is the happening?  You think, "Perhaps if we band together as we do in the summer we can survive the dark days."  But they are in no better shape than you; pitifully staring at the walls with no chance of happiness.  We walk to the garage and console our ride; we assure it that the upcoming storage is not due to any infraction of the rules; it is not being punished.  We assure our faithful partner that those things that do not kill us make us stronger.  We remind it that life as we know it has not ended, just put on hold for a short time.

     OK, a little melodramatic there so we'll stop.  However, winter is coming which means our rides are going to get stuck in a corner of the garage for a few months.  This is the time to prepare our motorcycles for storage.  We'll not get into how to do that; most already know how.  If you don't know how to winterize your ride then the ever-popular Google search will prove helpful.  Gas, battery, tires and oil will all need a little TLC; a good cleaning and coat of wax maybe.  The more you do now the less you will have to do on the first good riding day that will come in a few months.

     Winter is the perfect time to change tires, brakes and filters.  Maybe a paint job is in order.  Preventative maintenance will keep you upright and riding next season and provides a barrier between you and an unexpected breakdown.  The most important thing to do is not spend money un-necessarily... you need to tuck that money away so you can use it during the 2014 Hoka Hey.

     Several initiatives are in the works for the Hoka Hey Family and we will be asking assistance from some of you.  In fact, we have enough "irons in the fire" that we can give every Hoka Hey Rider a small project to do during the winter; that is, if you are a willing warrior.  Route planning, marketing, spreading the word, fund raising, pictures, short stories, videos... just a short list.  If you want to be a part of what we are planning then please contact us.  You will not regret it - the winter will not be wasted.

     Oh yea, one last thing.  Don't let anyone stack boxes on your ride or use the handle bar grips as a cloths hanger.  Your ride has feelings and it too is suffering during the dark days.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Warrior Rides Again

Introducing Akicita (ah-kee-chee-dah) which is the Lakota word for Warrior.

Akicita joined the Hoka Hey family in 2010 when it was presented to us by a Veteran that we sponsored through the Sponsor a Veteran program.  Rider #322, Barry Goldweber (Bear), was the last rider to cross the finish line in Homer, AK; arriving there on the 8th of July after spending 18 days on the road!

Since that time, this extraordinary expression of gratitude has been sitting on a shelf in Jim’s man cave.  And while being seen and appreciated by us is nice, it is not what a true Hoka Hey warrior is meant to do.  So, the time has come for Akicita to hit the road…

Traveling to Milwaukee with Jeff Kohn (#168) will be just the beginning of his adventure.  From there, Jeff will hand Akicita off to a worthy Hoka Hey Challenger who will get to carry him home.  That rider will have one month or less to show him off and to show him around.  Traveling by bike, Akicita will venture cross country and perhaps around the world – taking pictures and telling stories as he goes.  Passing from one Challenger to the next, Akicita should change hands no less than 11 times before arriving in Homer, AK again in 2014!! 

Any one who would thinks they are worthy of carrying Akicita forward should meet Jeff at 7:00am by the Hill Climber sculpture at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee on Saturday August 31st (be sure to bring your Challenge coin).   

It is time for Akicita to see and be seen.  Who will be the one to carry him next?  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moving On

As many of you already know, planning for the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is currently underway and applications will soon be accepted for participation in this extraordinary endurance rally. 
While planning for the 2014 event, we have carefully reviewed the last four years to identify improvements to be made going forward.  We are doing everything in our power to position the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge as an annual, iconic experience that makes history in the annals of American motorcycling and, in order to do that, we intend to assemble a Board of Directors that will be responsible to make decisions and carry out the day-to-day operations of the Challenge from now on

Before founding the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, Jim Red Cloud led a
 Pine Ridge, South Dakota, legal practice known as the Red Cloud Law Firm and in a note written to Challengers and their supporters, Jim said "My involvement with the firm is expected to escalate and I will not be able to give enough of my attention to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge going forward".  Please see the letter to read more about the reasoning behind Jim's decision to move on.  

The 2014 event begins on July 20, 2014 and covers approximately 7,500 miles between Key West, FL and Homer, AK - using a new route to connect two favorite destinations.  This year, all riders who follow the rules of engagement and arrive at the finish line by the 2nd of August, will be eligible for the prize drawings that will take place at the "End of the Road" party in Homer.  PLUS; following the  precedent set in 2013, trophies will be awarded to the four 

riders that participate in the true spirit of the Challenge and exhibit RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION during the event.  

Although there will be other changes like these, the Board of Directors promises to uphold the same mission of the event along with the hard-core intensity that everyone has come to expect from the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!  
Be sure to keep an eye on the website ( for applications or call me at 605-890-0386 to get more information about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™.  

Hoka Hey! 
Bring your friends and share in the glory!  
 Sign Up Early for 2014!!

We would love to see more riders at the starting line on July 20th, 2014
so tell your friends & family to contact us now to register for the event that continues to change lives & shape ideas!  

Are you prepared to lose yourself in order to find yourself?  

Are you at peace within?  

Or are you still seeking!?!

 *Please read all forms carefully before submitting your application package.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hoka Hey 2014 - Unfinished Business

At one time or another, we have all either left a task uncompleted; avoided a responsibility; forgotten a promise or left a relationship in need of mending. In each instance, we lose a tiny bit of ourselves – until eventually we are left searching. Searching for the pieces we've left behind.

Billed as UNFINISHED BUSINESS – the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will follow a new route to cover some old ground between Key West, FL and Homer, AK. Unfinished Business is a journey that will convince participants that the things we have avoided are the things that have the power to transform, enrich, and even complete us. Long stretches of open highway and dark, cold, rainy nights will encourage participants not only to be mindful of what is most important in life, but to act on it. By taking honest and courageous stock of our own unfinished business, we all can live lives that honor our best selves.

In keeping with the Lakota ideal of ‘Wolakota’; Unfinished Business will open new paths for both personal and spiritual growth because it will not only opens the eyes of riders to the deplorable conditions on remote Indian reservations around America, but it will also bring out the riders’ own true character! At some point during their ride, the Challenge transforms itself from a long distance motorcycle ride into a life changing event and not one participant has been able to hide the true nature within them if they struggle and persevere. The goodness, the strength, and the warrior spirit will always surface for any one that runs the Challenge with integrity, tenacity and heart.

Unfinished Business may prove to be the perfect antidote to those tortured nights when we toss and turn over the shoulda-coulda-wouldas. Still... There should be no doubt:

  • The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is not your local poker run! 
  • It will try your tolerance for ambiguity. 
  • It will test your determination, your resolve and your stamina. 
  • It is not for the faint of heart. 
  • It is not for any one afraid of getting lost. 
  • It is not for those that can’t handle uncertainty. 
  • It is not for the weak. 
  • Riders must be able to adjust to change and to amend their thinking from day to day; minute to minute; mile to mile.
  • This is the toughest motorcycle ride on Earth!!

What if tomorrow never comes? Will you be left with Unfinished Business? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Spirit of Hoka Hey

Everything that happens to us in life leaves some trace behind; everything contributes imperceptibly to make us who or what we are.  The greatest gift in life, is the gift of life.  Jim & I have been blessed with the most amazing family and friends anyone can possibly have... Thank you all for being there!  Cheers to you and to anyone that truly understands what we are trying to accomplish with the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge; to the quiet ones that don't contribute to the rhetoric and to the ones with the calming voice of reason (Thank you Pauline).

True; the HHMC has attracted some of the best competitors in the world - BUT - let us not forget that, from its inception, the event was meant to test the will and determination of the individual.  It was never intended to be a competition or a race and, in fact, the Terms & Conditions clearly state that it is a challenge of endurance, navigation, long distance riding skills and that participants MUST NOT COMPETE IN ANY MANNER.

By and large, our participants really do get that.  It is the spectators and supporters that don’t seem to understand however and that fact truly saddens me.  I feel they have missed the point of the event entirely.

So… for them, I repeat once more that the theme of this year's ride is ‘Wolakota’.  Wolakota is a word in the Lakota language that means reconciliation, or understanding each other in a good and peaceful way.  It represents a way of living in peace and community with everything, abstaining from greed; treating one another with respect, and friendship.  To live Wolakota is to live a life of honor and integrity.  Living in accordance with this belief encourages people to step forward and take accountability; to work together to right the wrongs of this world and acknowledge the strengths and wisdom that all cultures hold in common. 

My respect and appreciation go to riders like Matt Wolf (#785), Tim Menzie (#670), Rich Griffith (#725) and any one else that took the time to stay back with other riders who were in need of assistance.  These Challengers knew they could place well in the field but chose to let go of their ego and take care of their brothers and sisters on the road.  You are what this event is truly all about.

Still, before they left New York, participants were told that the first 4 finishers would each receive an arrow as a trophy and that they could either keep the trophy or sell it back to us for a split of the entry fees collected.  After verifying that they followed the route according to the driving directions, we spoke with these top 4 contenders and it was understood that, a polygraph exam would have been required to prove or disprove that any one conducted themselves in any way contrary to the restrictions outlined in the Terms & Conditions.  Therefore, as promised in the Rider’s Briefing, the first 4 finishers (after Jeff Kohn DQ’d himself) were offered the trophy.  To a man, they chose to keep the arrow in lieu of prize money and we commend them.  In recognition of their effort we are offering these riders along with the rest of our top ten finishers $1,000 or their entry into the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!!!  

For crossing the finish line first we recognize:
     1.  Robert Crawford #50
     2.  Bubba Netherland #5
     3.  Rob Carlo, #341
     4.  Dan Buis, #8

The rest of our riders crossed the finish line as listed in the table below and we congratulate them for having the determination, stamina and skill required to complete this grueling ride of over 7,500 miles!!       

Rider #
First Name
Last Name
Karl "Bubba"

12:46 PM

12:46 PM

12:04 AM

12:11 AM

5:34 AM
8:42 AM

11:59 PM

1:15 PM

7:18 PM
11:29 PM

3:58 AM

3:58 AM

5:04 AM

9:04 AM
10:44 AM

12:46 PM

12:49 PM
KC   (Jumper)
5:31 PM

5:47 PM

8:38 PM

8:38 PM
8:38 PM

8:38 PM

8:52 PM

8:52 PM
Problem Child
12:51 PM

12:52 PM

5:58 PM
5:58 PM

12:08 AM
Daytona Dale
2:51 AM
Arthur N.

2:51 AM

7:15 AM

8:15 AM

8:15 AM
Charles R.
Butler III
7:52 PM
752 & 755
Matthew Klebe
Kelly Babbin

8:31 PM
11:20 PM

11:20 PM
11:20 PM

9:34 AM
Rude Jeff
8:50 PM
3:33 PM

6:50 AM
4:00 PM
12:00 PM

4:04 PM

  Finally… we all want what is best for HHMC going forward and that means that we cannot promote or condone the Challenge as a race.  As such, how the riders place is not where the focus of the event should lie and it has been decided that this year would set the precedence of awarding arrows to those who completed the Challenge in the spirit of Hoka Hey.  

For the attributes that most closely reflect the true spirit of the Wolakota, we recognize:
    1.   Mark Hodge, #348 – Black Arrow for RESPECT
    2.   Rob Carlo, #341 – Red Arrow for HONOR
    3.   Jeff Kohn, #168 – Yellow Arrow for INTEGRITY
    4.   Junie Rose, #383 – White Arrow for COMPASSION

Going in to the future, this is the format that we intend to use to recognize the true winners of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.