Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage month.  I guess it is good that a month is set aside to honor Native Americans but I would submit if we do not honor the Native American every month then we have fallen short of our obligations.  The trials and level of oppression suffered by the Native American cannot be measured.  I challenge you to name a treaty signed in good faith by the Native American that was not broken directly or indirectly by the Government of the United States.
It would be impossible to repay the debt we owe.  Subsequently, I do not believe the Native American expects this debt to be paid, but they do want to be recognized as valued citizens and be acknowledged for the efforts they put forth that advanced this nation.
Before contact with Europeans the Native Americans had cities larger than many of the European cities of the time.  They had functional sanitation systems when Europeans were dumping chamber pots into the streets.  In Europe, while the rich feasted and the poor starved, the Native American successfully created a culture where all, from the very young to the old and inform, were well cared for.  The Native American had complex forms of government; the Haudenasaunee People’s Confederacy (Iroquois) served as a base line for our Constitution.  Even today, 70% of the worlds crops originated in the pre-European Americas.  Native American women were equal to their male counterpart a thousand years before European women began to fight for their equal rights.  I think it important to add here the Native American women did not have to "fight" for their rights.  Surely the first European settlers would have died that first winder were it not for the charitable efforts of the Native American.  The list is endless.
Without the endeavors of the Native American this country may very well have fallen years ago.  Notably the Native American Code Talkers; many are aware of the Code Talkers of WWII, but many are not aware that the “Code Talkers” were implemented in WWI.  In 1917 the 10,000+ Native Americans who served in the Expeditionary Force were not considered citizens of the United States; their native language considered obsolete.  However, within 24 hours after the Choctaw Code Talkers sent their first message during WWI the tide of battle turned and the U.S. drove the Germans out of Foret Ferme, France?  The implementation of the Choctaw language as “code” was so great that all 18 Choctaw Code Talkers were promised medals for their valor and ingenuity; but medals were not given when promised and only in 1986 were the families of these brave men finally recognized with much deserved citations by the U.S. Government.  In 1989 the French Government followed through with honors by presenting the “Chevalier de L’Ordre National du Merite” which is the highest honor the French Government presents; equal to the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Much of history has re-written the fact that it was the Native American who invented the calculator, the calendar, pyramids, rubber, kayaks and many natural medicines in use today can be traced back to the Native American.  Native Americans invented the wheel, snowshoes as well as 12 writing systems.   Again, the list goes on and on.
Over the past 200 years the great nations of the Native American have been reduced to patches of land in some of the worst and most inhospitable areas of the U.S. due to lies, greed and deceit.  Paying tribute is only the first step; join Hoka Hey in our efforts to rhelp ebuild the Native American Heritage.
Pay tribute where tribute is due.

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