Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memories From HHMC 2011 Rider 645



     Rolled 100mph out of hell into Yosemite in the middle of the night, gave a hooker a ride for some directions heading into San Francisco, camped with some brothers beneath a bridge in downtown 'Frisco, met a buffalo magnet in CA, (love u Carla DuBois), bounced off a guard rail on the Pacific coast, fell out of my hammock when my dad, (who had just passed away), sounded off with his daily Rise and Shine announcement near Redwood National Forest, heard war cries on Hwy 12 in Montana, froze my arse waiting for the gates to open to climb Beartooth Summit, embraced and lifted by nephews, nieces, a sister, my mother, and brother at an outrageous early hour in Milwaukee, WI when I thought I was finished, Fired upon shattered windshield knocked out two front teeth in Las Vegas, New Mexico, met a brother from another mother Jeff Isham and whooped it up at Barbarossas Bar and Camp in TN, felt the earth move from an earthquake on the E Coast, had fun getting lost in New York City, paid $12 for a pack of smokes in Nova Scotia, chased home looking at a hurricane in my rear view mirror, and too many other memories to mention living in the dark recesses of my brain to one day awaken me in the middle of the night when am old and gray to remind me to Say GOT DAMN WHAT A RIDE!!!!! Hoka Hey!


Rider 645, Hoka Hey 2011

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  1. Buffalo Magnet ??? I been called worse ...Bungie Man! Luv yea too! Ride on my friend till we meet again!