Monday, June 15, 2020

Meet The New Rider Steven Davis # 954

"By riding for a cause, the society we live in can be improved." That is why Steven wants to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. He wants to be the leader who, once challenged, can "jump into a hole for a friend because he knows the way out." He feels honored to be chosen to ride the challenge and his main goal is to finish. He found an article about the challenge in a 2016 Full Throttle Magazine. He was attracted to the event because he heard it was "a way to experience a large amount of technical riding in a short, dedicated amount of time, while serving a greater purpose."

Angels Alive empowers veterans to re-enter society and so much more. They make a sustainable difference for the betterment of society. Steve chose this non-profit because he feels they align with what he sees as goals for the HHMC. Angels Alive raises awareness of our deployed service members through RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) campaign. They empower homeless veterans to re-enter society and also partner with Freedom Breeders LLC to provide service dogs to veterans coping with PTSD. Steve was honored to participate in a volunteer effort to serve 171 turkeys with all the fixings for the homeless, for those less fortunate, for first responders and for veterans across Georgia. His ride will support this amazing group.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Meet The New Rider Scott Hukill # 958

 I run a construction equipment rental business in Southern California that keeps me pretty busy. When I’m not at the office or riding, I enjoy spending time at my family’s cattle ranch in Montana and visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Minneapolis.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a premier bucket list event that puts to use each and every thing I’ve learned traveling solo on my bike for over 30 years. I enjoy traveling light and covering a lot of ground seeing the beautiful country that is the USA. I’ve always considered HHMC as an elite event that only the best of the best will conquer, and I am determined to be among those ranks. I am part Cherokee Native American, HHMC provides me opportunity to expose HHMC to others and lends me opportunity to raise money and awareness for Native American and other charities.

I look forward to watching, listening, and learning from those who have experienced the challenge before. I also expect to have a decent, safe and respectable completion time that would make my ancestors and family proud while earning money for charity. I became aware of Hoka Hey several years ago when it was still considered a race type event. I never applied then because I’m not really a race rider as much as I am an endurance rider. So once I became aware of the changed format I knew this was the challenge I wanted to experience. And to raise money for charity is definitely an added bonus.

Well....honestly I was attracted by what I’ve heard it repeated many many times that this challenge is only for the “best of the best” riders. My ancestors settled the west in covered wagons without the benefit of weather forecasts or GPS, hotels or restaurants etc and they accepted all challenges they faced in order to become successful. To complain was futile, rather just get it done and keep moving forward. Generations later but still in the traditions of my ancestors, I have the opportunity to do a much tamer albeit very challenging experience, replacing my horse with a Harley. And it is my hope that generations that follow me will be impressed enough with my endeavors that they will be motivated to accept the best of the best challenges that are presented to them in their time.

I will be riding for a group of riders from So CA thru our local Orange County Harley Davidson HOG chapter chose IWAR - Injured Warriors Appreciation Ride as part of the Wounded Warrior Foundation. This group and chapter is close to Camp Pendleton base and the foundation provides terrific support annually to injured soldiers and their families thru fundraising activities. The people behind this charity foundation are dedicated and over 90% of funds collected go directly to benefit soldiers and their families.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Meet The Rider Paco John Wener # 851

John (Paco) Wener is passionate about endurance motorcycle riding.  Having tuned his skill on the byways all across North America from the furthest points of Alaska, Canada, Mexico and every state in the contiguous lower 48. Solo riding while rough camping for extended journeys has opened countless joys in the freedom of adventure travel that is matched by no other endeavor of personal growth. This growth had opened the path to a true brotherhood with those that endeavor on a similar adventure provided from the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge envisioned by Jim Redcloud and the kept alive with the enduring guidance of Beth Durham. This brotherhood is the core of what propels Paco to continue to challenge himself in order to ride with brothers and sisters as they all grow through adversity and triumph over their own insecurities found along the narrow roads and difficult turns at the heart of the HHMC.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Meet The Rider Jim Herold #116

 Having ridden all of the challenges the Hoka Hey has put before Jim Herold he has had the opportunity to experience a lot of amazing places. When not riding, the relaxing beauty of the Edisto river in South Carolina and gracious mountain beauty of the Smokey mountains in Tennessee are where Jim and his lovely wife Janet  like to spend time. His local Harley dealership is where he heard about the event. This year the focus will be more on a finish then to "win" the challenge.

The original $500k prize in 2010 was what attracted him to the starting line.  But now its family. The annual gatherings for tacos and cheeseburgers and just friends hanging out. Riding a 1000 miles for lunch. That is the Hoka Hey.  

Friday, February 1, 2019

2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

The Medicine Show LLC is Pleased to Announce the
2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!

  • Beginning & ending in Panama City Beach, FL!
  • Kicking off on Sunday August 9, 2020 at 0600!
  • Canvassing nearly 10,000 miles within the lower 48 states!
  • Checkpoints in Vermont, New Mexico and Arkansas!
  • Once again, family can follow your trail as you travel around the country with tracking provided by US Fleet Tracking!
  • Be a part of the End of the Road celebration being held at the Wicked Wheel on August 22nd. 


  • We will be accepting applications from returning HHMC riders only beginning February 9, 2019. 
  • Ater a 6 month period, we will begin accepting new riders into the fold
  • We will accept 100 riders only for the 2020 Challenge. 
  • Deadline for applications will be June 9, 2020 - No Exceptions.
With so much support coming from Panama City Beach, this event will be one you won't want to miss so be sure to sign up early!!


Introducing Our Host Dealership
Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach

Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach, Florida has been selected as the exclusive host dealership of the 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and we are thrilled!  We are honored to host and celebrate these impressive riders, that will not only put themselves to the ultimate endurance challenge, but also their motorcycles.  The passion that these participants have for their motorcycle and this Harley-Davidson lifestyle, is the reason why we love what we do!  We look forward to meeting each one of the 2020 Hoka Hey participants, and showing them why Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach, is World Famous!  Stay tuned for more details of the Kick-off and Welcome Home parties at the PCB H-D dealership, and our Pier Park location, Beach Shack Harley-Davidson.


Fund Raising:

The mission of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is to provide participants with an opportunity to test their fortitude and determination. By facing and overcoming obstacles along the way, participants are encouraged to journey into a deep and critical examination of their own motives, actions and beliefs and then to translate newfound strength and confidence into a willingness to act on behalf of others.

As participants in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge we expect you will endeavor to:

  • Enrich - to cultivate a philosophy of respect, honor, integrity and compassion
  • Empower – to promote self- determination and strength
  • Unite – to join together to incite positive action

In 2018, our riders fulfilled this mission by raising OVER $225K on behalf of more than 25 different charities around the globe!  We are so proud and grateful for the diligence and hard work that was put forth in accomplishing this amazing feat!!

Now...  Let's see what we can do in 2020!!!


Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020!!

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at 605-890-0386 if you have any questions.

Beth Durham
Director of Operations
Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Meet The New Rider Courtnye Nix #947

In the fall of 2015, I was a new rider.  I had joined a Facebook page for Female Motorcycle Riders for knowledge and support.  One of the ladies in the group was talking about this amazing journey she was preparing to go on in 2016.  I started following her as she set out on what I thought was a crazy, unbelievable, never-would-I-have-that-kind-of-courage, journey.  I watched each day, waiting for her to post updates on her trials she had overcome, and there were many.  I was utterly mesmerized by her strength and determination to complete such a demanding challenge.  A few months later I was at a ladies rally enjoying a lovely chat with a lady when we finally got around to introducing ourselves.  Low-and-behold, it was her, my warrior woman, Junie Rose, in person.  I expressed my joy in meeting her and how I wished to have her strength and courage to complete something like the Hoka Hey Challenge.  I explained to her that I had Multiple Sclerosis and something like the Hoka Hey was beyond what I thought I could do physically.  She laughed and told me I could do this, she believed in me.  From that moment on I started thinking about what I could do to join her.  How could I prepare, what did I need to do to join her on the next challenge?

Over the next two years, I went from riding a few hours a week, just around town to riding every day.  Soon, my first overnight trip and later on, to several weeks and thousands of miles on the road at a time.  The more I did, the more excited I became.  By pushing myself, confidence grew organically.  Everything I did became about training to make it possible.  One afternoon, just a few months ago, I received a message from her asking if I was up for the challenge.  My answer: YES, yes I am!

I have to say that I never thought my world would revolve around riding my motorcycle.  I have always involved myself with veteran and military, first responders, children and homeless charities.  I did not realize how involved and gracious motorcycle riders are with such charities and as such have been blessed to combine my passions for raising awareness, funds and support all while riding.  I also enjoy mentoring new lady riders and helping them build their skills and confidence.
I am so thankful for all the support and love I have received while preparing for this journey.  Gruene Harley Davidson is graciously sponsoring my trip.  My husband, KC, is my number one fan, my voice of reason, and always there to support all of my crazy.  Our kids are over-the-moon excited for me.  My sister riders have been an invaluable asset, tracking me on all my adventures, always ready with words of encouragement and bits of advice.  In all, I am most thankful for the Hoka Hey Challenge and Junie Rose for sharing her experience.  Without them, I never would have realized that the only limits I have are the ones I place on myself.

I dedicate this ride to all the ladies out there who have dreams of bigger things but feel they will never be able to achieve them.  My goal is to encourage them to take that leap, push yourself, and find your joy.  You can make big things happen.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Meet The New Rider Michael Richardson # 931

I first heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge from my father-in-law Bob Stegeman, when he ventured out on his first trip several years ago. During his time riding the challenge he bonded with people that he remains in contact with till this day. I think getting around people that have the passion that you have for riding and building friendships is what it’s all about.
Too often than not people get caught up in life’s business and forget about what really matters. For me family, God, building friendships and getting to see this beautiful country (which is always better on two wheels) are what matters. This challenge will allow riders to see things that most people in life will never get to see as the interstate by-passes most of this great nation. Being able to step away from phones, work, I-pads and all the things that consume our lives to travel down the back roads is one of the biggest reasons for taking this ride. During my off time and not riding motorcycles I spend time with family and friends. I have a loving wife and two kiddos so in between, softball, baseball, soccer and basketball, which consumes most of my time; we enjoy spending time in the sun near a pool or beach.
So far overcoming obstacles have been very limited leading up to this event. The biggest thing for me would be getting all my work caught up prior to leaving for the challenge. My preparation for this challenge in all aspects including financially, mentally, and physically has been a several month process. I’ve taken several long trips over the last two years and have explored what it’s like to sleep out under the stars next to my bike. I am devoted to physical fitness and believe I have my body at its optimal performance level.   
My biggest supporters for me would be my wife, kids and close family. Venturing out into a challenge that would test me mentally, emotionally and physically I need a strong support group. My wife has been one of the biggest supporters of me during our 20 years together pushing me to pursue things that would otherwise seem out of reach.
A properly fueled body would be the best piece of advice given to me in regards to maintaining the ability to complete this challenge. Keeping my body fueled and hydrated will allow me to keep my mind clear and my muscles strong.
I’ll be honest, most people think I’m crazy for even attempting this challenge and maybe in some ways I am. But I feel through the support of my family and friends, pure strength and determination it will all be worth it in the end.