Monday, April 30, 2018

Meet The New Rider David Uhl # 903

Dave fell in love with motorcycle riding at a very young age. He had a two year stretch he didn't have a bike and he felt like he had lost a part of himself. If he had the time he would love to just load up a tent and a few clothes and just take off. And although being separated from your family isn't always easy  Dave takes advantage of that by riding to fill the void. He heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge while participating in ride around Texas rally when he ran into Eric who had shared with him the fact that he had lost an eye in a wreck and was back at it in spite of his injury. Eric shared with him how no matter where he rides he has a family he can reach out to and spend time with.

 In preparation for the challenge Dave feel pretty confident he has the riding down. Training his mind and body to build a good core as been something he has been doing during the winter months in Colorado where riding isn't always possible. Being a concerned spouse Dave's wife is his biggest obstacle but weather preparation are concerns as well. He is also juggling the summer schedule to make sure he doesn't miss visits the family will be making. The HHMC will be the longest ride Dave has ever done so his goal is to finish.

Dave will be riding for the Wounded Warrior Project. He like the mental approach they take with Veterans.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Meet The Rider Chuck Marble # 85

Chuck first learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge when he saw a poster in the House of Harley dealership in Anchorage. It was obscurely placed on a door intended for employees but fortunately he saw the poster and in 2010 set out from Anchorage to Key West, Florida where he would  head back to Homer, Alaska.  Unfortunately his challenge was cut short the first day in a sandy curve in Florida where several other riders wrecked as well. In 2015 Chuck went back to that Key West starting line and completed that 2010 ride making him one of only five riders to have bragging rights to riding ALL of the challenges.

At 67, but feeling a lot younger inside, he has had friends express concern for his safety to continue doing the event but Chuck says "there is nothing like seeing this country on the back of a motor scooter." Being a retired pilot he has traveled extensively but nothing like the HHMC. He wants to test himself and although in 2010 he knew there were a lot of people much more experienced at long distance riding and the chance of being the winner of the half millions that was offered that year was unlikely, he was going to ride it as if he had a chance. " I knew there were a lot more riches out there to discover then money."

The unanticipated arrival in Nova Scotia, after figuring out that peanut M & M's were a great way to battle fatigue, and seeing a group waiting for him even at 2 a.m. always brings a smile to his face. Wrong turns are inevitable when doing the challenge but Chucks favorite part of the challenge is when he sees a fellow rider over whelmed by challenge work through them and figure out what the HHMC really is. Even going a couple hundred miles the wrong way has happened. " Making a wrong turn is part of the HHMC. If you have not made a wrong turn you have not done the event."

Although it would be cheaper to just ride all over the United States and Canada when asked why Chuck continues to participate he said he like to keep challenge himself to improve on his previous attempts. He love the new family he has with the riders and their family's. "Why do you ride a roller coaster a second time?"

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Meet The New Rider Brian Campo # 886

Brian has had the pleasure of spending 4 years serving in the military. While serving he was stationed in Germany and bought a Triumph. He was able to ride to Belgium and England and all over Germany. He started riding when he was 7 yrs. old after his Grandfather introduced him to motorcycle with his Indian. He heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge when his friends Vernice and Charlie were looking into long distance riding events they could participate in.

Admitting he has a hard time staying focused and accomplishing things, he really has a desire to reach the finish line of this event. He feels the riding in Germany was training for the sleeping next to the bike part because they never slept in hotels there. Sometimes it was a farmers field where they stayed up drinking with the farmer. Preparing for the ride he has the bike packed with what he thinks he going to need and practicing long trips. He has high expectations of himself and friends working as a unit but "going to take it as it comes." Likes to build a network of friends that like to ride as many HHMC as he can. His friends think he has lost his mind but he marching to a different drum. 

Brian will be riding to support the Wounded Warriors Project

Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet The Rider Tom Hunter # 706

At 76 you would think maybe that would slow a person down from a challenge like the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge but not Tom. As a matter of fact he was told 6 years ago he was too old to ride the challenge, he signed up the next day. He puts his goals ahead of his comfort. He wants to do the best he can while he is here on earth and wants to leave a legacy behind his family can be proud of.

After reading about riders in 2011 pushing through hurricanes and lots of weather obstacles but persevering to the finish line was what attracted him. So he lost 80 lbs. and set out to reach the finish line for himself and made it. The first thing he did was call the daughter who said he was to old. Since then the family he has become part of is very fulfilling. Knowing this is a competition against himself one of the things he loves is the fact that you follow the rules even if there isn't someone looking over your shoulder. "You may have to flag down the milk truck driver to help you find the road your looking for." He even peeked into mailboxes trying to figure out where he was.

Tom will be riding  to help a battered women's shelter called Hope Harbour Home

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meet The New Rider Carlos Hurtado # 914

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is something that has been on Carlos bucket list for a while. He heard about the  journey to go across the United States and feels its "good for the soul." And what better way to do that then on a motorcycle. It allows him to think about life and put things into perspective. He is willing to go the extra mile and stand for something without backing down. "I want to challenge myself."

Preparing for the challenge has not been very difficult but he feels the difficulties will come during the challenge. He plans to pack light and find safe places to sleep.

His family are his biggest supporters because they know when he puts his mind to something there is no stopping him. Some think his efforts are completely insane but others tell him it sounds like a cool adventure. Another huge challenge Carlos see is what will be waiting for him when he returns. He will be so focused on the challenge he doesn't plan on even taking a phone call.

Carlos will be supporting the Cure Duchenne with his fund raising efforts.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Meet The Rider Paco (John) Wener # 851

"There is a big difference between you live so far away and I don't envision myself ever going there and I can get there just by pointing my motorcycle that way." And that is what makes the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge riders different than many others. Paco is an Indian rider and has been asked by Indian to represent the long distance rider for Indian. "I want to be THAT kind of inspiration for those who think they want to try something like this."

January 1 Paco started physical training to prepare for the challenge knowing he needs to have the strength to pick up his own bike if that is required. Eating well and reducing his intake of caffeine are a couple things that will give him an advantage while out riding in July. Expecting to struggle in 2016 it wasn't until he reached North Carolina that he was sure he could finish. He wrestled with his mind telling him to quit, when things got tough he had to really fight with his self doubt. He remembered a quote he had heard from a board member who said "The only person who can take you out of the HHMC is yourself."  That rattled around in his head for 12 days but determination got him to the finish line.

It was HHMC rider and now brother Robert who first encouraged Paco to try the challenge. He had created quite a laundry list of reasons he could not do the event and Robert told him to put them aside and just do the ride. He does admit he will never ride in the state of Maine ever again because of the desolation, fog, rain and just utter struggle feeling he was at the end of his rope. But also admits without the challenges it would not be as rewarding as it is.

Paco will be joining other brother riders in supporting the Amvets Post 29

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meet The New Rider Steven Dow # 901

 Steve started riding at the age of 11 and adventures are something he enjoys. Doing endurance rides like 3000 miles in 3 days are tiring but very enjoyable. It takes strength and determination and doesn't quit until the task is completed. His friend Gary rode in the first Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge encouraging him to give it a shot.

There were two things about the HHMC that attracted Steve. One was the attention to the Native Americans having a Cherokee Grandmother and two this will be the hardest thing he has ever done.  He has had people try and talk him out of it but "they don't understand."

Steve will be supporting Mission M 25  who he has worked with for 5 or 6 years,  provide assistance with Veterans, Native Americans, unwed mothers among other things and it has taught him there are a lot of hurting and forgotten  people out there who are overlooked and someone needs to step up and help.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Meet The Rider Federico Arbelaez # 807

Although the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is not a race we do award a riders cup to the rider who makes the finish line first and Federico was the rider who accomplished that in 2016. As a new HHMC rider that is quite an accomplishment. Federico is not new to the family and has been follow the event since 2010 but life happens and somethings are just meant to wait until the right time and 2016 was the right time.

Federico's wife pushes him to do things he loves and motorcycle riding is one of them. From the sidelines he was receiving the encourage it took for him to come through as the first finisher. Originally he was told the HHMC was very expensive and extremely  difficult but that was not the case as he found out by saving a ton of money not staying in hotels and having the time of his life out on the road. He wants HHMC in other countries just to get the experience of riding there.

Having a personal experience with breast cancer in his family his motivation is to ride his ride in 2018 for breast cancer.He will be riding for Susan G Komen

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Meet The Rider Reg Aldridge # 850

After riding the 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge this South African native and now US citizen  has learned a lot about what he will do different in 2018. Spending time in the gym and lots more time in the saddle has been his plan of action to make this one to the finish line. Preparing not only physically but mentally. He says you have to prepare for something a lot tougher than yourself because he knows everyone has limits.

He first learned about the HHMC while spending time at the bike rally in Sturgis where the ti pi was set up at the Black Hills Harley Davidson  and what he was hearing about this "prestigious event" would challenge your riding skills interested him and his friend Frank.  Hearing how the HHMC not only challenged the riders motorcycle skills but gives back to the community was very attractive as well. The ultimate in long distance riding, which after riding until an unfortunate incident that took him out of the event in Ohio, lived up to his expectations.

In spite of the trials Reg experienced on his first event he decided to come back and try again with the knowledge he has acquired from the experience.
He has realized people have limits and you have to acknowledge them. Knowing the challenge is against yourself and no one else. "It has a special place in my heart and I will continue to do the challenge as long as I am able to do it." 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Meet The New Rider Detta Leith # 908

Detta is on fire for this ride. As a native American, the understanding of what a warrior is she believes is "someone who fights for what they believe." She learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge on a ride to Wounded Knee where she met a few participants. When discussing the possibility of trying the challenge her husband encouraged her to do it but admits he doesn't think it's for him, but he is her "Biggest cheerleader!"

She believes if you plan a ride and wake up and it's raining you gear up and go. It might not be raining 20 miles away. Her friends are all in awe at what she wants to attempt and want to support her and encourage her. She feels like this ride is different and is proud to have been chosen to accept the challenge.

After being a care giver for a person with Parkinson's disease, Detta will be raising money for the Micheal J. Fox Foundation.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Meet the Rider Capt. Bob Terrell # 738

Living in Florida and being a lover of motorcycles definitely has its perks but unfortunately that j.o.b. can really put restrictions on riding. After hearing about the 2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Bob knew this was something he had to try. He had no idea it would be such a spiritual, soul searching event for him. It pushed him further then he had ever been pushed before. " Who else rides motorcycles like that?"

Bob finds himself thinking about what it must have been like for the early settlers to cross this amazing country. Working as a team like the early settlers is what he remembers about his fellow HHMC riders while trying to figure out the "Less then perfect" directions. Because he did not get to participate in the 2016 challenge he has been anxiously waiting for July 2018 in Medicine Park, OK.

Being an advocate for animal rescue is who he will be riding for this year.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Meet The New Rider Ken Cowart # 907

Ken comes to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge understanding this is a "challenge." Seat time, sleep deprivation and fatigue are the three biggies on his list. He plans to pack out the bike and ride, ride, and ride some more to prepare. He is using the Tour of honor ride to get the miles in between ice cream selfies.

After serving 10 years in the Air Force Ken wants to continue to remind others to never forget these brave soldiers for their service. Monuments and memorials throughout the United states and points earned on the Tour Of Honor have helped him bring that awareness to social media.

As a young man Ken and his family volunteered for Special Olympics events and will be raising money for Special Olympic's in honor of his sister who was born with Down's syndrome.   

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Meet The Rider Bruce Rimes # 844

We have a group of riders affectionately known as the Mississippi boys and Bruce is one of them. Following Spirit Rider brothers in the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenges wishing he could have had the time off from work Bruce waited for his opportunity. 2016 he was at the starting line with 5 other brothers from Mississippi. Bruce says he has never seen a group of people so close who are so far away from each other. Scattered all over the country he know he has family everywhere he goes.

Bruce feels the wrong turns are what gets your head back in the game. His goal was just to finish the challenge and that he successfully accomplished but not with out doing one of the hardest things he has ever had to do in his life and that was to leave a fellow rider behind after determining it was the best thing to do for his brother. "You just have to ride it" in order to understand! He has spent the time since the last challenge riding a lot but is also reevaluating his gear and figuring out what he really needs and what he doesn't.

The Spirit Rider have created  the Reggie Puckett Jr. Inc to come together with one effort to help others and are holding their fifth event this year.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Meet The New Rider Paul Turner # 882

When Paul heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge he was told this would be a challenge he would remember for the rest of his life so how could he not try this. The excitement level for him is almost unbearable. He doesn't feel he has obstacles to overcome because he has been riding since he was 17 and done lots of long distance riding.

He has a strong belief in pursuing what ever he sets his mind on with a "Never quit" attitude. After meeting a HHMC board member and given the advice to set reasonable goals he feels that was the best advice he could have been given.

For 11 years Paul has been working with West Virginia Toys for Tots providing 8,000 kids a year with toys at Christmas.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Meet The New Rider Lee De Leonard # 892

Lee has traveled extensively and would like to one day do the four corners that include Alaska. He finds a warrior spirit in himself to always challenge himself. Once told he was too old to ride it gave him motivation to push even harder. Prior to the July event he and his riding partner Robert plan to do a 5 day 5K challenge packing out were they find it seasonable enough to camp. Lee bought a Harley as a requirement to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and felt it was important to have dealers to do any work needed.

Advice to pack light has been a focus for Lee. But reading the directions is going to be their biggest obstacle. Networking through social media has really help Lee and others to brain storm about how they are planning to do things such as read directions and sleep.

The Wounded Warrior Project will be benefiting from Lee's efforts.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Meet The Rider Abby Spaedt # 846

Abby is back for another ride. Although it took her a long time to reach the finish line, despite all the obstacles she had to face once she started the event she didn't know would be obstacles but handled despite living off the back of her motorcycle Abby made it to the finish line. She learned about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge from Heinz at a MC Donald's somewhere in Vermont, these two new friends had breakfast together. Although that was 2010 it wasn't until 2016 the timing worked out for her to participate.

After the sucker punch she was thrown with food allergies and stinging flying things, rain gear that exploded and a shift lever made from zip ties and a hammer handle, she knows she can handle just about anything. Learning a few of her own moves she takes kickboxing classes and skates on an ice hockey team to help stay in shape for this event.

Abby would like to see more attention given to women's riding clothing. She finds it difficult to find serious riding gear for herself because not everything is "one size fits all." Functional but I don't want to look like a man. "

Garden City, CO. is erecting a memorial to the First responder's of Greely Co. and Abby is helping the Harley Davidson dealer raise money for this monument.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Meet The New Rider Thomas Snowden # 888

Thomas admits that every waking moment he is creating scenarios and what if's about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and how he would handle them. Most of his long distance riding has been on a leisurely pace. But he is the guy who will climb out on the cliff for just the right picture. He learned about the HHMC from a motorcycle magazine but not sure which one. He was intrigued by the riders and their stories of bravery and brotherhood and honesty and integrity.

He has a core group of supporters including HHMC riders and his Fiance and family and friends. He is taking this season to prepare by riding lots of long distance rides and continues to be involved with Amvets Post 29 and makes fund raising and helping a part of his everyday life. Thomas has already met several HHMC riders and looks forward to meeting  lots more.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Meet The Rider Robert Talbett Jr. # 831

Not really having any expectations riding his first Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and being a reasonable new rider Robert wanted to see if this was something he could do. Meeting up with some HHMC riders at Gowanda Harley Davidson really peaked his curiosity but 2014 had just finished so he had two years to prepare for the next event. So he went home and told his Dad about it. Robert Sr. admits it didn't take a lot of persuading to get him on board.

Having  now experienced the event he says the HHMC makes you see what you're made of when your back is up against the wall. Something out there kept nudging me along to keep going. Remembering a double rainbow as far as the sky would stretch still brings a smile to his face.

Oxford house will benefit from efforts Robert wants to make on their behalf.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Meet The Rider Brad Edmonds # 867

Brad had been looking for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge for a long time but didn't know it. His love for motorcycles started at a very young age of 6 . After reading about the challenge he realized he wanted to be a part of this. The road was in his blood. Why hadn't he heard of this sooner?

Very glad in 2016 to run into Chuck and his clip board mounted directions, until they realized they had gone 250 miles the wrong way.  This year his goal is to cross the finish line by the end of the road party date. That gives 14 full days of riding to do 10K miles averaging around 750 miles a day.

Brad is riding the 2018 HHMC in honor of his wife Lina Edmonds. She always supported his passion for long distance riding. She'll be with him in spirit. He will be riding for the Wounded Warrior retreat located in Georgia.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Meet The New Rider Keith Hennigar # 877

" Start a mission and complete it." That is what Keith plans to do on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge. He wants to prove to himself at 61 years old he still has what it takes to ride like this. Put to extremes but with a never give up no matter what attitude. Why would you do something like this some friends ask?  Keith knows that many dream of riding a challenge like this but are not all cut out for endurance. His biggest obstacle is sleep. Hoping nutrition will help with sleep deprivation he plans to eat well on the road.

Hearing the road stories Brian has shared with Keith has really given him a desire to complete the challenge. Social media has allowed our family to really get to know each other.
Encourage from the sidelines and get involved with each other helping with different events raising money for veterans for things such as Camp Liberty where wounded vets are accommodated to hunt or fish. Getting them out doors even though they may have obstacles to over come.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Meet The Rider Robert Saunooke # 814

Robert gets lots of riding in done living in Plantation, Fl.  Five years ago motorcycle riding was just one of many things Robert like to do for fun but has narrowed things down to riding. Long distances for crazy adventures such as hotdogs and cheeseburgers, but also stepping out and riding to bring help to family. Robert is not a risk taker. "Fear is not real. It is the substance of your imagination over things that don't exist and may never exist. Danger is real! But you must prepare for it. Fear is the only thing that can concur your spirit without ever coming into existence." Preparing as much as possible helps over come obstacles.

Roberts wife is his BIGGEST supporter although lots of Floridian friends have rekindled a feeling he had when suffering, sacrificing and bonding while spending endless hours with his football family 30 years ago. But not just Florida, anywhere Robert knows a Hoka Hey family friend is out there ready to break bread or pull back a throttle. What ever the occasion dictates. And when ever asked to chip in for a project he believes, "Much is given then much is required."

Because this is not Roberts first HHMC he says he has nothing left to prove feeling his perspective on life has changed 100% and lives literally like tomorrow may not come. His advice for a new rider is "Enjoy the ride, you can never ride the HHMC and be the same."

Robert will be raising money for  Leukemia Lymphoma society and especially for the benefit of Ansley Saunooke who is his 4 year old niece with Leukemia.