Monday, November 17, 2014

Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

Not sure what that phrase means.  Mice make no plans, they act on instinct.  But we make plans and the plans for our 2015 Memorial Ride and the 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge are coming together nicely!!  We are moving forward with plans each day and will reveal all of the details when we launch a completely revised website in the coming weeks.  The new site has a totally new look and direction and is shaping up to be an exceptional product!!  Not that we want to tease you… well, maybe we do… keep your eyes open for the launch of the new website and all will be revealed. Once launched, we are confident, you will agree it was worth the wait!

In the mean time, the Board of Directors for the Medicine Show LLC also wants you to know we are working hard to create a meaningful event for 2016.  One that will not only tax us, fight us and endeavor to break us, but one that will also provide to us an indescribable set of feelings and a new way of thinking.  

To a Hoka Hey Challenger the accomplishment of crossing the finish line comes with a price.  Yes, we pay money to ride, but it is not the money I am talking about.  We are told the best things in life are free, but that is not entirely true.  In fact, the best things in life are never really free. They may not have a monetary price tag, but it will most certainly cost you in time, effort and sometimes emotional or physical pain.  

Although there will be NO entry fee for the 2015 event… It will cost you.  You’ll pay the price of time, commitment, determination, pain and discomfort.  We go into it knowing these things, but we choose to persevere because we intend to honor those individuals that lost their lives while participating in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.  Charles Lynn (6/26/2010), Kenneth Greene (7/4/2010), John Anderson (6/26/2013) and Newton Pereira (7/27/2014) all believed in the ideals that were set forth when the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge kicked off in 2010.   It is probable these intrepid individuals came to the starting line with one goal in mind, but it is almost certain those plans shifted long before their rides were ended...  Such is the way of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.

We invite all Hoka Hey Challengers and supporters on any make or model of motorcycle to join us at the Geographic Center of the US in Lebanon, KS on the morning of July 31st, 2015.  We will ride as a group to South Dakota that day and will reconvene to parade down Main St. Sturgis on August 1st where the Indian Motorcycle Sturgis store (2106 Lazelle St. Sturgis 605-206-7830), owned by our own Chris Johnson (Hoka Hey Rider #75) will welcome us with a party that is worthy of our Fallen Riders!

Registration for both the 2015 Memorial Ride and the 2016 Hoka Hey Challenge will begin when the new website is launched.

Also, we would like to include links for our Challengers on our new site.  So, if you have a personal website, you own your own business, or you have a BLOG; we would love to include a link on the new “Friends of Hoka Hey” page!  Please forward your links (and/or contact information for Hoka Hey Rider owned businesses), stories and pictures to if you wish to share!