Thursday, December 1, 2011

Announcing the 2012 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
Inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty

As Americans we hold that Liberty is a moral and political right in which human beings are able to govern themselves, to behave according to their own free will, and take responsibility for their actions.

The Romans held that Liberty is a goddess who guides the hearts of men and inspires them to courage and hope for the future; she secures their freedom and fights with them to protect her blessings. She celebrates the victory of men and women over the limitations of their own life and allows them to break the chains that hold them.

The primary tenants of the Declaration of Independence are "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..." As such, we recognize that there are no entitlements - the world doesn't owe us anything and we have to work, sweat and scrape to get what we want and need.

That we have gotten ourselves to this place in the world is no accident. We have had the freedom to choose how we live our lives. Now, will you choose the safety and security of your easy chair? Or will you join us this August 5th, 2012 when we embark on the 3rd annual Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge?

This year's event will begin in Las Vegas, NV and travel LESS THAN 6,000 miles to end in New York, NY. Hoka Hey 2012 will take riders along some of the most scenic roads in the lower 48 United States.

Keep an eye on our website ( for more information and applications.

The question now is...
What will you do with the choices that are before you?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Awards & Recognition

The Hoka Hey Challenge 2011 was a great success with the World’s Top Riders competing in a 14,000 mile cross country event. The course took them through 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces and ended in Cape Breton, Canada.

This year, the Hoka Hey went high tech and utilized GPS tracking devices to monitor the riders to insure compliance with the prescribed route of navigation. All finishers complied with the route but the top riders had to submit to polygraph exams for further scrutiny into their compliance of the many rules.

Because of the fact that the 2010 event did not utilize US Fleet Tracking to obtain information about the rider’s speeds and location; the Organizers had to rely on local law enforcement as the primary means of enforcing speeding violations. The Organizers relied on the issuance of a speeding ticket or moving violations, along with the polygraph examination to qualify the 2010 winner. In this 2011 event, the information provided by US Fleet Tracking specific to the 11 contenders could not be ignored by the Organizer’s of the Challenge. After the final validation had been completed, even though the 11 riders who finished within the allotted time frame have accomplished something that no other rider on earth has done, they could not be awarded prize money. The situation was discussed at length at a Contender’s meeting and consideration was made for the fact that the Contenders had to incur significant additional expense to travel to Mesa, AZ for the mandatory polygraph examination. There was an offer made and accepted to help offset their expenses for the mandatory travel. One contender was not able to be present for the event and another intends to seek other remedies. In the end, these elite riders were celebrated on stage as the winners of the event and were recognized as the greatest riders in the world!

A number of the Hoka Hey Challengers were on hand to celebrate the winners and enjoy festivities at Chester’s Harley-Davidson, Mesa, AZ during their annual Rocktoberfest. Chester’s Harley-Davidson was the starting point for the Challenge and on Saturday, October 8th, 2011 Chester’s welcomed the riders back with a ceremony to honor all the brave men and women, who fought the elements to complete the grueling 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Everyone present enjoyed 11 Rock Bands, a poker run and a spectacular concert by Paul Rogers of Bad Company which brought everyone to their feet!

Thanks to all that made the 2nd Hoka Challenge a great success! Especially the folks at Harley-Davidson Motor Company and US Fleet Tracking, proud sponsors of the Hoka Hey.

The 2012 Hoka Challenge is scheduled to run next August. The course will be LESS THAN 7,000 miles, to afford more riders the opportunity to participate. The anticipated total ride time should be 12 days or less. The route will once again take those who love to ride through the back roads of America. Applications will be available on the website in November. Please check our website for updates

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is officially ended!!!

Rider #660, Aristotle Liceralde arrived at the finish line at Ramsay's Harley-Davidson in Sydney, NS at 5:35p.m. Atlantic Time – just 43 days
after leaving Mesa, AZ.

Congratulations to Aris and every one else that put their heart and soul in to this year’s EPIC event; and special thanks to the wonderful people on Cape Breton Island!!

As many of you know, the Medicine Show Land Trust is still a very small organization with limited staff and this event wouldn’t be what it is without the generous support and dedication of those who believe. Not the least of these are the Cape Bretoners! The hard work and enthusiasm of the local H.O.G. Chapter (Chapter 9044), Ramsay’s Cycle & Sports, the Joan Harris Pavilion, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) and Destination Cape Breton made the finish line and closing ceremonies a memorable end to an amazing event.

No matter that our travel plans got pushed back or that the original host for the party at the end of the road pulled out; Andy Tonet, the director of the HOG chapter in Cape Breton, told us not to worry about it -
“We’ll get it taken care of”. And that is just what they did. Everything from the venue, to food for our riders was arranged on our behalf. All we had to do was show up and check the riders in (and failing that, the HOG members were on hand to pick up the slack).

After I came back to the States, Andy and some of the more staunch Hoka Hey supporters from the community have been on hand to make sure our riders weren’t left standing alone at the finish line upon completion of their incredible journey. In fact, the entire HOG chapter met Rider #660 today and rode with him the entire distance of the Cabot Trail and in to the finish line where the celebration just got started!

Whether it’s because they were glad to have us visit their special corner of the world, or if it’s because they just love to ride; the people of Cape Breton Island have really made our riders feel welcome. For my own part, I was made to feel like one of their own during the 20 or so days that I was there and I feel I came to know the Cape Bretoners fairly well. These people are true believers! They believe in keeping their word, they believe in the spirit of community and they believe in our Hoka Hey Challengers.

Thank you Cape Breton - from the bottom of my heart,

List of Arrivals as of September 17th
Eugene Adee - #71
Kenneth Aston - #618
William Barclay - #355
Gary Barnes - #662
Wendy Battles - #685
John Baumann - #645
Gary Beach - #672
Larry Berland - #374
Jane Bixby - #650
Travis Brian - # 694
Schatzi Brown - #652
Robert Carlo - # 341
Robert Crawford - #50
Douglas Davenport - #622
Keith Deninno - #616
Daniel Dowell - #665
Richard Drake - #190
Moe Ducharme - #659
Marion Ezell - #319
Shaun Fickes - #679
Michael Fox - #601
James Geray - #674
Robert Griffin Jr - #148 (#704)
Jim Herold - #116
Henry Hilliard Jr. #180
Mark Hodge - #348
Stanley Hoover - #636
James Howatson - #654
James Huffman - #604
John Ibbitson - #640
Mark James - #605
Scott Jenkins - #639
Peter Johnstone - #166
Piotr Kacki - #132
Frank Kelly - #175
Dennis Kelly - #683
Thomas Kinsey III - #668
Stanly Kistler - #676
Debra Langley - #677
Walter Ledig - #290
Aristotle Liceralde - #660
George Liebel - #648
David Lutes - #91
Eden Mailloux - #265
Charles Marble - #85
Brian McDonnell - #375
Michael McGuire - #55
Tim Menzie - #670
Terry Meyer - #264
John Miller - #686
Kenneth Miltimore - #621
Lawrence Murray - #628
Marshall Myers - #253
Karl Netherland - #5
Steven Nowak - #608
Harold Park - #644
Rodney Pashcke - #304 (#701)
Debby Pearson - #695
Newton Pereira - #691
Jeffrey Piscitelli - #626
Michael Rogers - #699
Eula Rose - #383
Pedro Salcedo - #657
Bruce Sather - #678
Robert Scott - #655
Garry Simoneaux - #619
Heinz Spielvogel - #332
Marc Story - #16
William Stueber - #643
Shaun VanBeber - #600
Milton Vincent - #207
Robert Vincent - #658
Ronald Warren - #653
Kelly Withers - #649
Brent Witters - #682

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last man on the Road...

I named my motorcycle after my sister "Sincha". She passed away in April 2009 (complications from pancreatitis). She was 29 years old. I've had a couple of setbacks on the challenge. The first being a new rider. I received my motorcycle indorsement back in 2005 but have been off more than on. When I first got "Sincha", I drove once around the dealership parking lot and called my neighbor (the Ranger) to drive it 26 miles to my house. I was sooo unfamiliar with it that I couldnt just jump back on. On 11 Aug, on the tail end of the HWY 14 route in WA, I was trying to make miles and drive through the night. I noticed some road kill on the opposite lane and when I looked up it was too late. A wolf was in my lane eating road kill and my attempt to swerve wasn't enough and I clipped it with my gear shifter and left leg. I assessed my physical damage and knew I sprained/broke my left leg/ankle. I was able to move it so I knew it couldn't be that bad. When I tried to shift, the impact sent the shifter 90 degrees north so I stayed in 6th gear for a couple of miles till I could exit HWY 14. I slept behind a gas station with the shift manager's permission and pressed on to MT the next morning after I bent the shifter back into place until I could get it replaced at the next checkpoint...

I think it was on the 22 of Aug when I had my second incident. After driving through what I thought were the worst rains I've been through at the border of New Mexico, I tipped the bike over in Trementina. There's a new bridge construction out there in the middle of it all and I didn't take my time negotiating the terrain. The dirt was hard packed, until I got to the bottom... So now I'm nursing a swollen left leg, the bike ends up on my right leg/foot to even things out. I was able to push the bike off of me, but wasn't sure about getting her back on her kickstand. After a few minutes, the site mgr for the bridge shows up and helps me get her back... She starts up and push on...

From the beginning, it has never been about the money. Being a new rider, it was a snow ball's chance... I've served in the military for 24 years and I figured it was time to see our country that we've been defending... I ride for my sister who didn't get a chance to see all of this beautiful country... I ride to see family and friends along the way that I haven't seen in years... I ride because I'm still able and am thankful for all the military members still serving that allow us pursue all these freedoms...

Will I do the next challenge? If the timing and finances are right--maybe and with a windshield next time? 8)

Aristotle Liceralde #660

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New updated list of Arrivals!!

List of Arrivals as of September 12th
Eugene Adee
Kenneth Aston
William Barclay
Gary Barnes
Wendy Battles
John Baumann
Gary Beach
Larry Berland
Jane Bixby
Travis Brian
Schatzi Brown
Robert Carlo
Robert Crawford
Douglas Davenport
Keith Deninno
Daniel Dowell
Richard Drake
Moe Ducharme
Marion Ezell
Shaun Fickes
Michael Fox
James Geray
Robert Griffin Jr
Jim Herold
Henry Hilliard Jr.
Mark Hodge
Stanley Hoover
James Howatson
James Huffman
John Ibbitson
Mark James
Scott Jenkins
Peter Johnstone
Frank Kelly
Dennis Kelly
Thomas Kinsey III
Stanly Kistler
Debra Langley
Walter Ledig
George Liebel
David Lutes
Eden Mailloux
Charles Marble
Brian McDonnell
Michael McGuire
Tim Menzie
Terry Meyer
Kenneth Miltimore
Lawrence Murray
Marshall Myers
Karl Netherland
Steven Nowak
Harold Park
Rodney Pashcke
Debby Pearson
Newton Pereira
Jeffrey Piscitelli
Michael Rogers
Eula Rose
Pedro Salcedo
Bruce Sather
Robert Scott
Garry Simoneaux
Heinz Spielvogel
Marc Story
William Stueber
Shaun VanBeber
Milton Vincent
Ronald Warren
Kelly Withers
Brent Witters

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From the mouth of Junie and Chuck.....

As we traveled across the US and Canada we were encouraged by people from facebook, the yahoo group, phone calls from family members and the people we met on the road. The media leads us to believe that it is a dangerous and cruel world out there but what we had the fortune to realize is that this is really a loving caring world of kind and generous people. We were fed by homeless people, given money to buy breakfast by a kind man who wanted to show his christian love for man kind, had our bikes repaired by random passers by who just want to help and spent countless hours sharing the needs of the Lakota Sioux. We truly hope that we can carry this to the rest of the world and allow others to share vicariously through our adventure of a life time.

Hoka Hey

Love Junie and Chuck
#383 & #85

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Letter to MY Challengers

I am finally preparing to leave Nova Scotia (or more accurately Cape Breton) after 20 days spent trying to wrangle in as many of the Hoka Hey Challengers as I can. Since things have slowed down and the time between arrivals has shifted from hours to days; I've had more time to reflect on the Challenge, the people who participated in it and what it all means to me.

Now - I am not an eloquent speaker and am only slightly better at the written word but, I have something to say....

Although, I have an awful lot of work to do when I get back to the States, I have been unable to tear myself away from the finish line. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the salt air, beautiful scenery and the warm hospitality of Cape Breton Island; but that’s not why I stayed. I stayed because I am exceedingly proud of you, my challengers, and your efforts to reach the finish line. I stayed because I believe you deserve to see a familiar face when you come to the end of such a long and difficult journey and like the anxious parent whose teenaged child has been out past their curfew - I am relieved when you arrive home safely but am cross as hell for the risks you took to get here. (I’ve heard the stories and you kids worry me some.)

But, because tenacity is one of my stronger suits; I can identify with the drive that makes a person turn around at the finish line in order to cover the ground they missed by taking the ferry instead of the prescribed route. There is a certain resilience required to pick up the pieces and press on after hitting a deer, an elk, a wolf or an owl and I can appreciate that as well as the resolve it takes to stay the course - even after the deadline has passed and you’ve just come to realize that you are in it for the ride and not for the money. I’ve stayed because it is my honor and privilege to share the moment when you’ve crossed the finish line and have finally conquered the Hoka Hey Challenge.

On the other hand, there are a number of you who were robbed of that accomplishment when illness, mechanical problems or an armadillo has stopped your progress short. I know you still feel the call of the Challenge and I expect that when the broken bones are healed or the bike is right, you’ll be out there riding again. I’ve stayed at the finish line because I respect and admire the “reckless romanticism” that it takes to be a true Hoka Hey Challenger and I know you are here in spirit even if you couldn’t make it in person.

Finally, there are those who went home or cut the route because you ran short on time, money or inclination. You had the grit to join this mad cap Challenge and you gave it your best but; sometimes it is more honorable to know when to quit than it is to press on and most of you handled the setback with grace and dignity. I know that we often face our greatest disappointments when circumstances are out of our control and your dedication your family & job are commendable. I’ve stayed because I can only hope to reflect that in my dedication to the riders who are still out there on the road.

When talking to any one about the Challenge, I find myself calling you MY Challengers. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point during the past three years, I’ve taken ownership of you all. It isn’t just because you’ve helped us to turn our efforts into a successful event (although I am grateful to you for that). No, it’s ever so much more. It is because your dogged determination, your compassion for one another and your courage and enthusiasm have enriched my life. You’ve taught me a thing or two about humility through your gracious acceptance of whatever the Challenge throws at you and I have a deepened appreciation of what it is to have selfless devotion and super-human energy. I’ve stayed at the finish line because you are not just my Challengers; you are my friends, my brothers and sisters; you are my heroes.

With love and respect,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updated list of all Arrivals!!!

The finish line has been relocated to Ramsay's Cycle & Sports at 616 Keltic Dr. Sydney, NS. (902-539-7644). It will be open from 8:00am to midnight for our challengers until the 5th of September and then it will return to normal business hours.

In alphabetical order here are our 2011 Arrivals....we still have 6 challengers on the road!!

Eugene Adee
Kenneth Aston
William Barclay
Gary Barnes
Wendy Battles
John Baumann
Gary Beach
Jane Bixby
Schatzi Brown
Robert Carlo
Robert Crawford
Douglas Davenport
Keith Deninno
Daniel Dowell
Richard Drake
Moe Ducharme
Marion Ezell
Shaun Fickes
Michael Fox
James Geray
Robert Griffin Jr
Jim Herold
Henry Hilliard Jr.
Mark Hodge
Stanley Hoover
James Howatson
James Huffman
John Ibbitson
Mark James
Scott Jenkins
Frank Kelly
Dennis Kelly
Thomas Kinsey III
Stanly Kistler
Debra Langley
Walter Ledig
George Liebel
David Lutes
Eden Mailloux
Brian McDonnell
Michael McGuire
Tim Menzie
Terry Meyer
Kenneth Miltimore
Lawrence Murray
Marshall Myers
Karl Netherland
Steven Nowak
Harold Park
Debby Pearson
Newton Pereira
Jeffrey Piscitelli
Michael Rogers
Pedro Salcedo
Bruce Sather
Robert Scott
Garry Simoneaux
Heinz Spielvogel
Marc Story
William Stueber
Shaun VanBeber
Milton Vincent
Ronald Warren
Kelly Withers
Brent Witters

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Challengers are riding through Irene!!

Bill Stueber arriving at the finish line

A few riders are still pushing through. Being on the road for over three weeks, still continuing to follow the rules and route, has taken a toll on some of the riders. One challenger is riding with the flu, ear infection and fever, while another is riding injured. The Perseverance that some of the challengers have is what the Hoka Hey spirit is all about. We all have witnessed the damage the hurricane has unleashed on the east coast, as many of us sit at home watching it on television, here is one man of a few that actually rode through it to arrive at the finish line.

Monday, August 29, 2011

They are continuing to arrive!

91 - David Lutes
180 - Henry Hilliard
190 - Richard Drake
207 - Milton Vincent
290 - Walter Ledig
319 - Marion Ezell
348 - Mark Hodge
608 - Steven Nowak
616 - Keith Deninno
619 - Gary Simoneaux
621 - Kenneth Militmore
628 - Lawrence Murray
640 - John Ibbitson
643 - William Stueber
645 - John Baumann
650 - Jane Bixby
652 - Schatzi Brown
653 - Ronald Warren
655 - Robert Scott
662 - Gary Barnes
670 - Tim Menzie
678 - Bruce Sather
699 - Michael Rogers

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Arriving at the Finish!

71 - Gene Adee
265 - Eden Mailloux
332 - Heinz Spielvogel
626 - Jeffrey Piscitelli
628 - Lawrence Murray
648 - George Liebel
659 - Moe Ducharme
672 - Gary Beach
674 - James Geray
691 - Newton Pereira
695 - Debby Pearson
704 - Robert Griffin

Congrats to all our challengers!!

A huge thank you to Cape Breton Island!

The Challenger (2nd from the left) is John Ibbitson he is our first Canadian Finisher. Far left is Andy Tonet the director for the Cape Breton HOG, chapter 9044, 2nd right is Wilf Ramsay dealer Principal for Ramsay's HD in Sydney, NS. Far left is Beth Penney, director South Shore HOG chapter in Nova Scotia.
These people sponsored and coordinated the Hoka Hey party in Sydney for our Challengers. They welcomed our friends and family with open arms, and we would like to send them a Huge Thank you for everything they did for them.

Hoka Hey!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poetry in Motion!

By Andy G. Carr

Now Hoka Hey II is all in the books,
And we have all been blessed,
With another year’s good plannings,
And more and more success!

Big Jim and poor Beth,
A Warriors mate is she,
And the Dealerships’ great helpful crews,
Made it easier for me!

That big V Twin Harley,
Once more is proven strong,
Amazed, inspired, and uplifted us,
Always singing that deep rumbling song!

We started way out west,
Along the Navajo Trail,
Then north through the land of the Nez Perce,
We gave it our very best!

Through desert heat and pouring rain,
And critters on the roads,
The traffic we endured again,
And crossed a Golden Gate.

The sad life on reservations we viewed,
As along their roads we flew,
An oath we all again took,
The wrath of our forefathers to undo!

A blessing from a great Lakota Chief,
Again placed in our hearts,
And shared with love and brotherhood,
Now we must do our parts!

To make aware our nation,
All the Red Men have endured,
Let’s start to cause some healing,
And their spirits to be cured!

We’ve pushed our Harley steeds,
Up Rocky Mountain gravel roads,
Through Yosemite and Yellowstone,
Through great Sequoia trees .

Crossed the Great American Plains,
Breadbasket to us and much of our world,
From Sturgis down to Beaumont,
The heartland we have toured.

We’ve grabbed a Dragon by it’s Tail,
Witnessed Southern Hospitality in Nashville,
Ridden through the great Smokies,
And eaten good at Gail’s.

Come down through the lands of the Chippewas,
Ottawas, Pottawatomies, Miamis, and the Hurons,
Then farther south through the Illinois,
Shawnee, Chickasaws, and the Choctaws we ran.

Gone east to the home of the Seminoles,
Then turned north once more to traverse,
The lands of the Creek, the Cherokee, the Powhatan,
And the Modocs whom the Pilgrims when landing saw first.

Now it’s on farther north we ride,
Through the lands of the Delaware,
The Iroquois, and the Abenakis we glide,
To our finish in the land of the Algonquins.

We’ve been chased north by a hurricane,
Way east of the Great Divide,
And ridden into an earthquake,
Still on and on we ride!

To win is of no import,
To compete is our request,
To ride and become one with others,
Our selves and our weaknesses our conquest!

Our test has been run,
Yes Warriors are we,
And we’ve all checked our mettle,
From the mountains to the sea!

Now Hoka Hey II is all in the books,
And we have all been blessed,
With another year’s good plannings,
And more and more success!!
And more and more success!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here are some of the named finishers!

You have been watching their numbers on the track map & now you can know who they are!!

5 - Karl Netherland
16 - Marc Story
50 - Robert Crawford
55 - Michael McGuire
175 - Frank Kelly
264 - Terry Meyer
341 - Robert Carlo
600 - Shaun VanBeber
601 - Michael Fox
604 - James Huffman
639 - Scott Jenkins
654 - James Howatson
668 - Thomas Kinsey
682 - Brent Witters
683 - Dennis Kelly
703 - William Barclay

605 - Mark James
649 - Kelly Withers
676 - Stan Kistler
677 - Debra Langley
685 - Wendy Battles

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Challenge Deadline

The blog post dated August 13, 2011 entitled “Deadline to be Extended” was intended to convey that the deadline had been extended in order to recognize riders who stay the course as Hoka Hey Finishers. However, the rules of the Challenge for riders to be considered for the prizes have NOT been changed to accommodate this extension. In order to be eligible for prizes participants must follow all of the rules as outlined in the terms and conditions. These rules include: sleeping outdoors with their bikes, making all checkpoints, obeying the laws of the States and Provinces and arriving at the finish line within an allotted time. (A 16 day period ending at 9:43 am Atlantic time on August 21, 2011.)

The spirit and design of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is one of an individual and personal challenge and - as with the 2010 event - the restrictive time frame allotted to complete the course is key component of the Challenge itself. The intent of the August 13th post was not to remove that aspect of the event but to assure participants that any one who completes the prescribed route by September 5th, 2011 will be greeted, checked-in and officially listed as 2011 finishers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bumpus Harley-Davidson sharing their love before the longest push!

Well, it’s been quite a week at Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Murfreesboro, TN. The first rider arrived Sunday afternoon, August 14th and the time clocked started at that point. We extended our 96 hours open to 120 hours in an effort to accommodate a few more riders. Many of our HOG chapter members and loyal customers have spent tireless hours greeting riders, cleaning windshields-headlights-taillights, and, just trying to make them as comfortable as possible when they arrive. Our General Manager, Timmy Glenn: parts manager, Jonathon Roberts: service manager, Dave Holder: and two technicians (Phillip Swack and Terry Mason) worked 12 hour night shift(s) the past 5 nights. Tom and Angie Bumpus have personally greeted most every rider during the days and well into the evenings.
As the riders check-in and see the 2100+ mile route from us to their next stop reactions have been quite mixed...lots of deep breaths, some mumbling, and a few four letter words! Everyone seems to leave with a pretty darn good attitude, excited to continue the journey.
Of course the first several riders were in and out with little rest, however as time passes more riders have taken advantage of our shower, customer lounge and just plain relaxed a bit. We’ve had riders sleep in all corners of our parking lot, on picnic tables and in the bushes and shrubs.
The stories are endless and we enjoy hearing them all. I know this “Challenge” has a lot of our HOG members, customers and employees debating the possibilities of competing next year.
To see all of our pictures so far, please feel free to visit our Facebook page; Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro

First to the Finish!

On August 5th our challengers started to make their way from Mesa, AZ across all 48 states into Canada ending in Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. This year, with the help of U.S. Fleet Tracking, family, friends and followers were able to enjoy the experience and a little of the excitement along with their rider. With this advantage, many viewers have just watched as our first challenger crossed the finish line. Will Barclay, the first to finish in 2010, arrived at the Joan Harris Pavilion in Sydney, NS at 5:51pm on August 19th.

Will was greeted by a crowd of Cape Bretoners at the finish line; the local people have welcomed Hoka Hey with open arms. Their enthusiasm for the event lifting the spirits of a weary film crew and organizers alike as they wait for Challengers to arrive.

The community is throwing a party on Sunday the 21st to recognize the Hoka Hey Challengers and acknowledge the magnitude of their accomplishment.

The longest leg of the challenge leads to Rocky Mount!!

Many challengers are expressing their kind regards to Bumpus Harley Davidson as they received excellent service, right before they embarked on the longest leg of the challenge leading to Rocky Mount Harley Davidson.

News just in from Rocky Mount!!

It's been an exciting couple days at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson! The Hoka Hey Challenge has created a lot of buzz in our area with supporters coming out to cheer on all the riders. I'm sure by now most know that Will Barclay was the first rider to arrive at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson. Before he "officially" checked-in he felt as if he had not taken the correct route into the Rocky Mount area. He briefly checked his instructions and was off again to recreate the route to his satisfaction. Once back at the dealership he officially checked-in and got some much needed rest. His instructions to us were "I want to sleep for 2hrs and 1min." We obliged!

Fast forward to the next day when we welcomed two more riders. They didn't arrive together, but they weren't far apart in the scheme of it all. Again, crowds were there to cheer them on as they pulled into the dealership. Rider 600, Florida State Trooper Shaun VanBeber, was the first to arrive despite being battered and bruised from a wreck in West Virginia. He showed off his bruises, laughing as he told us that he wasn't sure if his ribs were broken! Broken or not, it wasn't long before he was back in the saddle!

Rider 175, Frank Kelly was next to arrive. His arrival was wrought with emotion all due to a very loved blanket. The story goes... While traveling, his wife gave him a blanket to stay warm. Since he was already carrying so many supplies, she figured he would ditch the blanket by the time he reached Santa Fe. Well, much to her surprise, the first thing he did when he got off his bike was pull the blanket out of his pack and hand it to her. "You have my grandma's blanket!" she cried. They exchanged many kisses as only a husband and wife can. Afterwards, he told her "If you keep this up, I'll have to stay a little longer."

Later that night, Mike McGuire, rider 55, rode into the dealership, checked-in, bought some gloves and then sped off. His quick departure was due to the fact that he knew another rider was right on his heels. He wasn't joking. As McGuire rode over the bridge, his headlight illuminated the reflective riding gear of rider 16, Marc Story. (Queue "Tron" theme song)

As Story approached the dealership, he resembled the character of Kevin Flynn from the film "Tron." Under the brightly-lit moon, his Harley-Davidson reflective gear was blazingly colorful and geometrically intense--reminiscent of the sci-fi film "Tron." Thus he will forever be know to us as the "Tron Man." He left the ladies in the dealership with their hearts beating just a bit faster.

With the top 5 behind us, we looked forward to greeting the next riders. Dealership staff and customers huddled around a giant screen at the dealership displaying a large map for keeping track of each rider's current location. Particular attention was paid to rider 333, Whitney Crum. Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson is the proud sponsor of Miss Crum. Whittany arrived safely at the dealership and we all were sure glad to see her.

Every couple of hours, more riders are pulling in. They're battered and bruised, but all are in good spirits. Each is greeted by staff who are eager to assist and support them in any way. Refreshments are within easy reach and service technicians are on hand to fix anything that may need to be done to the bikes. The Hoka Hey Challenge has brought all Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson staff and customers together in support of such an infinitely challenging, yet highly rewarding experience. The experience is not over for we still have many, many riders coming in to tell you about. To be continued...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Updates from A.D. Farrow!!!

You can feel the charge when someone says “In coming!”
A buzz of excitement fills the briefly quiet service pavilion. There is a Harley-Davidson
Master Technician curled up on the mat next to his lift under a blanket. His co-workers
rouse him yelling “Hoka Hey” he stretches and rubs his eyes, having no idea the
condition or needs of the next bike he’ll see.

Two associates on watch this shift are staring at the GPS monitor with little red circles
and numbers scattered across a map of the United States. “He’s at going over the bridge,
get the towel ready!”
It’s Tuesday morning, before dawn, and 10 or so associates have been onsite at
America’s Oldest Harley dealer for 78 hours straight greeting riders on the Hoka Hey
Motorcycle Challenge.
The routine started on Saturday morning, when rider 703 rolled in at 7:45 am and has
been refined through the next 50+ riders. As the little red circle approaches on the
satellite tracking website, associates gather by the large garage doors into the service
pavilion. One guy volunteers to run out towards the freeway with a handheld LED light
to direct the weary rider through the curved drive of A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson
Shop at NorthStar, while another warms a fresh hot towel in the microwave. The Hoka
Hey challenger rides east on State Route 37, crosses over I-71 and turns into the historic

Some associates cheer and applaud the challenger as he rolls right into the shop. The
rider takes off his helmet and then buries his stubbled face in the hot towel. A quick
word of welcome from Dealer Principal Bob Althoff, then a service writer jumps in to
assess the Harley. Bob grabs a rag and starts wiping down the bike which is covered in
Black Hills, Michigan and now Ohio bugs! And then two or three technicians begin
working on the machine with the precision and efficiency of a NASCAR pit crew.
Rolling tires across the shop, running impact drivers, and putting two or three heads
together to figure out the best or maybe the quickest solution.

At the 13th checkpoint in the one-of-a-kind cross country motorcycle challenge, riders
are offered hot showers, an array of first aid supplies and a table full of fresh fruit, snacks
and bottles of cold water. The grill is fired up and a hot hamburger or hot dog can be
ready in just a couple of minutes
Some challengers just need a quick bathroom break. They verify their ID, sign their
names and are off again chasing the rider in front of them. Some give brief instructions
to the service department about their ride then head the grass or the asphalt on A.D.
Farrow Co.’s eighteen-acre campus for a couple hours of sleep. Still some riders,
bursting with excitement, find a willing listener and begin to share about their journey.
First, there was Ralph from North Carolina. He rode out to the start of the Hoka Hey
from North Carolina, a 2,100 mile warm up ride! He has no fancy gear or high tech
accessories. Just a good flannel shirt, leather chaps and handkerchief tied around his
neck, yet he checked in third out of the 250 challengers! When he rode out on his cleanup-
good-as-new Harley through the cheering associates and spectators, he said in his
genuine soft spoken drawl, “Gosh, you sure made me feel like a somebody!”

Later that night, Rider comes in and tells the story that is quickly making him a legend in
the event. After coming around a curve in Montana, he sees a herd of elk in the road. He
can’t stop quickly enough so he tries to shoot the gap, but the gap closes and he goes
down hard. The rider behind him calls for help and when he wakes up, he is covered in
road rash and bruises in the ambulance. After several hours under the care of emergency
services for a concussion, he gets back on the bike and still manages to check in at A.D.
Farrow Co. in 12th place!
Then, Eden checked in on her [bike], the first woman to reach Columbus. Somewhere
along her journey she had lost the visor to her Scorpion helmet and had been using her
reading glasses for the last several hundred miles! We didn’t have it in stock, so Brandon,
a service technician, says, “Just give me a minute.” He runs home and comes back ten
minutes later with the replacement visor from his own helmet.

Then it’s riders like the guy from Boston that remind you not only how physically
draining this ride can be, but also the enormous emotional toll that a challenge like this
brings. He looked each associate in the eye and thanked them for heir help. When asked
about his journey, he choked up and it was clear that this wasn’t about the prize money or
new bikes. For the Bostonian, rising to the Hoka Hey Challenge was his “pay it forward”
moment, a motorcycle ride to commemorate a much longer journey. Last year, a
devastating crash with a drunk driver sent him to hospital with serious spinal injuries.
Without health insurance and unable to work, the walls seemed to be closing in. His
HOG chapter, his Harley family, stepped up and paid his mortgage and raised money to
help with his bills. He is so grateful to be out of that dark place and on the open road
again. At each checkpoint, his Harley family has grown.
For some riders, America’s Oldest Harley Dealer was a pit stop and oil change on the
ride of a lifetime. They checked in and then quickly rolled out with a full stomach and
empty bladder. Some challengers coasted in on a puff of smoke and needed a new
compensator or other major engine work just to make it home. And then some riders just
rode in looking for some company on the road. They needed to share their story and
lighten their load. All of them came in through a tunnel of applause and rode out with
cheers of admiration for attempting this challenge.

And then, as quickly as the buzz filled the room, it’s gone just like that. Back to sleep for
another couple of hours.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A.D. Farrows showing their support!

Jimmy, our sponsored rider, had ridden nearly 8,200 miles by the time he reached A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson. He was greeted not only by two of the cutest little red heads and his lovely wife, but 50 or so of his closest friends. Admittedly, it was a little tough to hold back the tears as his oldest daughter ran and gave him a card she had just made. We all were so happy to see that he was safe and in one piece.

Along the way he has seen some incredible country side and met some great people. Jimmy commented that while he has seen some amazing scenery he really has only seen half of the states because half the time he was riding at night!

As for the people well, thats what this is really all about. So many of the riders are talking about each other siting stories of fatigue, a chat here in there over their bluetooth headsets, to lift morale, or just say hi. As the stories are told along the ride and the riders show their faces (with a little help wiping the road grime and sunscreen away) we can't help but imagine being on the ride with them.

Jimmy recently made a push and gained in the rankings.
Go Jimmy! Hoka Hey and be safe!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Straight from the Wisconsin Harley Davidson Checkpoint to you!!

Wisconsin Harley-Davidson kicked into high gear on Friday, August 12, after spending a sleepless night before, tracking the leaders. Since the leader graced our door early Friday morning, we have been welcoming, servicing and accommodating these Iron Warriors around the clock. They are welcomed by our staff, customers and Hoka Hey fans visiting our location from all over the Midwest to salute their accomplishments thus far, as well as, offer encouragement for the road ahead. Our Master Level Service team has met the challenge time and time again, performing service and repairs in times that would make the top NASCAR teams envious. The riders are afforded a large spread of food and beverages that of course, include some traditional Wisconsin Brats!

Rider spirits although pretty weathered, continue to remain upbeat and positive. They take the time to share stories of the road which allows everyone here the ability to live this quest through their eyes. Some come in and register, shake a few hands and mount their rides for another leg while others are taking advantage of our park-like setting to get some much needed sleep in the soft, cool grass and shade provided by our perfect weather. Some of the stories we have encountered will be talked about and shared with people for a long time. Some of the many that stick out are:

An attractive wife and mother from Florida, who got her motorcycle license 16 days before the start of the ride, bought a bike and rode it from her Florida home to Arizona to take on the Hoka Hey Challenge. She arrived at the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson check point in the top 30 riders and with a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm lifted everyone around her.

A mid 50's gentleman who is taking on the Hoka Hey riding his sportster arrived at the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson checkpoint in the top 35. He was enjoying the ride and talked about how his wife and dog drove up from their Texas home to surprise him at Gail's Harley-Davidson outside Kansas City. He became emotional when he talked about how touched he was by their support. His wife and dog curled up along side him on the grass so they could spend the night together.

There is the story of 3 guys from different parts of the United Stated who met last year while on the 2010 Hoka Hey Challenge. Since 2010 they have become great friends and are pushing each other to a strong finish in 2011.

There have been many stories of encounters or close encounters with animals. One gentleman has had 2 run ins with deer, one of which took him down. He is sore but riding on. He looks much better than his bike. Then there is the story of another gentleman who has hit 2 deer, and owl and a Bat. The owl was a direct blow to the face, yet he soldiers on. Or the gentleman who took on an elk and won, well kind of. He also continues on. While the reward for winning is great, all of these rider will tell stories of the fellow competitors who stopped and spent considerable time making sure they were alright and helping to get them back up on they bikes and riding on.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raising the bar!

The team at Gail's Harley-Davidson has had a blast helping the Hoka Hey Challenge participants! Live bands played into the night Friday and Saturday nights with hamburgers grilling in the parking lot. The fan fare never stopped. Several people from around Kansas City have even shown up every day to help our team clean windshields, bring water to the riders, and just listen to the exciting and wonderful stories of the road. The riders, themselves, have been a joy. Every one, without fail, have pulled up with a big smile on his or her face. Even the front runners were extremely gracious and ready to share a few smiles and road tales. Gail's Harley-Davidson Service and Parts team members have eagerly volunteered to work around the clock. We are all looking forward to the possibility of hosting another Hoka Hey check point in the future.

Covering 5 Checkpoints....

As Grand Junction Harley Davidson continues to service and accommodate riders, our challengers are still arriving at numerous other checkpoints. From Santé Fe Harley in New Mexico, spark plugs are being changed as riders sleep on their grassy front lawn. They are welcomed with goodie bags filled with energy bars, peanuts, bottled water and Gatorade, and their coffee maker has definitely seen better days. The riders are still enthusiastic about their place on the totem pole and continue to press on.

Sante Fe is excited and waiting for the our Challengers with open arms!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deadline to be extended!!

Due to the number of twisties on this route, the organizers recognized the slow progress of a number of challengers and intend that the August 21st deadline for arrival will be removed. All participants that stay the course will be recognized as official 2011 Finishers.
So Bust out the Bedrolls people.... if your bringing up the rear we'll still be waiting for you!

The party being thrown by Cape Breton Island in honor of Hoka Hey challengers will still be held on August 21st at the Joan Harris Pavilion in Sydney. Plans are being made for the awards and recognition of our finishers. Please sign up for our mailing list to receive immediate notification.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

From our Secret Squirrel Check Point!!

Our team arrived on the scene of Sturgis Bike Week's events at Broken Spoke Campground in the shadow of Bear Butte. Even at dawn things were already getting wild and the place was packed with bikers from all over the world. We greeted our challengers and heard tales of their journey morning, noon, and night. For most there was a clear focus on their goal that made them completely disregard the festivities, their eyes were on the prize and they were quick to ride off towards glory. A few lucky riders had and family surprise them at the check point and help give them the strength to go on. Fatigue was great but spirits were high.

To their surprise, challengers had a stop to make before heading down go Colorado. They followed their directions carefully to find themselves at the home of Chief Oliver Redcloud, leader of the Sioux nations. They were welcomed inside and given a hot meal and great conversation with the chief. All were given the opportunity to sleep in a teepee on the front lawn, most riders welcomed the chance for shelter after the first several legs of their journey.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hoka Hey making way!

Our challengers now are so spread out they are reaching across more than seven states. As some challengers sleep in the parking lot of Chester's Grand Teton, others ride through the Sturgis Rally to the Broken Spoke Campground. "They are all looking forward to completing the ride just for the satisfaction of saying they did it." said David from Grand Teton

Chester's Grand Teton Harley Davidson will soon be returning to normal business hours, as the Broken Spoke Campground is getting ready for their 96 hours of Hoka Hey Mania.

Say tuned more news to come within the hour!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Into Idaho Falls .....

As the challengers keep rolling into Big Sky Harley Davidson, their customer service just keeps getting better and better. From oil changes, to broken even going as far as taking parts from a show room floor bike to get these challengers back on the road...Big Sky is going above and beyond for our Hoka Hey Challengers. Brian Moen, owner said,"In the thirty years I have been around motorcycles I have never seen such an intensity in these rider's in my life."

The front runners have already reached Chester's Grand Teton Harley Davidson, in Idaho Falls, a few stopped to rest as others were just in and out. Challengers will find a nice welcome there as Sturgis Rally goers cheer them on.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking News from US Fleet Tracking!!

“The US Fleet Tracking map powering the live tracking for the Hoka Hey Challenge is experiencing a high volume of users – several thousand users at any given moment. We’re excited and honored to have this many people interested in the Challenge second by second.

As the number of users and uses of the tracking map changes, USFT continues to provide improvements that support the main purpose for tracking. Both USFT and Hoka Hey Challenge are taking as many comments as possible into account while making improvements.

Thank you for your cooperation as Hoka Hey Challenge and US Fleet Tracking make the live tracking a better experience for everyone while maintaining absolute, most reliable location data for this event.”

News from Big Sky Harley Davidson!!

Only a dozen riders so far have traveled through Big Sky Harley Davidson, with only minutes in between them. Some of the rider's rested as others chose to continue on with food in their bellies and refreshments in hand. Only one purchase was made so far for highway pegs, and no service has yet been needed on their motorcycles.
The challengers are greeted by a member of Big Sky's staff, to wash their windshields and lights for them, along with an outside Tech for minor repairs. Big Sky also has on hand two Techs to cater specifically to the Hoka Hey Challengers motorcycle needs.
Biscuits and gravy, coffee, water and other refreshments will also be waiting for the Challengers this morning.

We will have more news to come as the day unfolds. Until then HOKA HEY!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

News in from Reno!!!

"Many of the rider's that came in today were in high spirits, and very happy to get off the mountain." said Debbie Metcalf GM of Chester's Reno Harley Davidson
The extent of service to the motorcycles were a few tire and oil changes; Some rider's took time out to sit and fill up on sandwiches,coffee and other refreshments, while other chose to eat on the go.

A few challengers bought warmer gear, and gloves for the cold nights ahead of them. Everyone rode off excited about the next leg ahead of them. Big Sky Harley Davidson in Great falls, MT is waiting patiently for their turn in showing our riders some great customer service.

Reno Harley Davidson is about to be busy!!!

As our first three riders are about to ride into Chester's Reno Harley Davidson, many other riders are not shortly behind them, as others are still traveling through the beautiful Yosemite National Park. We encourage each challenger to travel at their own pace.

The Hoka Hey Team would like to take time out to ask friends and family of the riders to please do not post the rider numbers anywhere on the internet. We are only asking this for the safety and privacy of each individual rider. This is also to prevent any type of sabotage to a rider, which is sad to say but a possibility.

We have also had a few emails regarding the tracking devices. Please read the prior post from US Fleet Tracking. The map may take time loading but it is working. If you have any concerns about a rider please email us at


Friday, August 5, 2011

Challengers on the verge of their first checkpoint

Las Vegas Harley Davidson is patiently waiting for the riders to come in and help them with whatever needs they may have. They will remain open until the last challenger comes through their doors.

We do have confirmation of a wreck, a rider did go down on loose gravel traveling at 21 mph earlier today, but have no report from the hospital of his conditions. Thanks to fellow riders this information was reported in a timely fashion. When we have further information on this matter we will relay the info.

The U.S. Fleet Tracking map has been a concern for followers. The only information we can say is that this is a new feature for the Hoka Hey Challenge. If it is difficult to see a certain individual it is because they are riding so closely in the pack. Give the tracking devices a few days once each rider achieves their own pace on this journey!

This is just the beginning!!!

The rider’s meeting last night went extremely well and the challengers were joined by Harley Davidson executives.

At 5:43 am the riders embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Many slept by their horses the night before, preparing for this great adventure ahead of them. As the sun rose , the air was cool and fresh, it turned out to be a beautiful morning. The pack was led out of Chester’s Harley Davidson by Ed Leclere on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle and President of Harley Matt Levatich.
They rode side by side as David Roma’s film crew, “The movement” inc. filmed from the ground and the sky.

As they begin this great event..We wish them a safe ride!! HOKA HEY!!