Sunday, August 21, 2011

Challenge Deadline

The blog post dated August 13, 2011 entitled “Deadline to be Extended” was intended to convey that the deadline had been extended in order to recognize riders who stay the course as Hoka Hey Finishers. However, the rules of the Challenge for riders to be considered for the prizes have NOT been changed to accommodate this extension. In order to be eligible for prizes participants must follow all of the rules as outlined in the terms and conditions. These rules include: sleeping outdoors with their bikes, making all checkpoints, obeying the laws of the States and Provinces and arriving at the finish line within an allotted time. (A 16 day period ending at 9:43 am Atlantic time on August 21, 2011.)

The spirit and design of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is one of an individual and personal challenge and - as with the 2010 event - the restrictive time frame allotted to complete the course is key component of the Challenge itself. The intent of the August 13th post was not to remove that aspect of the event but to assure participants that any one who completes the prescribed route by September 5th, 2011 will be greeted, checked-in and officially listed as 2011 finishers.


  1. I love it, you can receive honor, but its still a challenge.
    As I tell the people I work with in this life their Aint no free lunch.

    Rock On if you haven't finished then ride to put your name in honor this year.

  2. As a First time sponsor I was pulled right into the race from my home ,evey day I would check on my man Terry Meyers # 264 ,as the race went on i was pulled deeper into it . Seeing the video from the start to the finish which hasn't happened as of the time of this post
    I would like to thank Terry for taking me on the ride that he did .
    I have the up most respect for all the riders .
    I thank KP of Tramp Stamp Gear for this chance to take part of Terry's journey .
    All I can say in closing is this , Is it time for next years race to start .
    Keith Monahan
    Thanks Terry and KP

  3. That is the way I read that post. To complete the course was extended to finnish for awards was never changed it always had a 16 day window. following the rules is part of the challenge. Hope to enter next year.