Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hoka Hey making way!

Our challengers now are so spread out they are reaching across more than seven states. As some challengers sleep in the parking lot of Chester's Grand Teton, others ride through the Sturgis Rally to the Broken Spoke Campground. "They are all looking forward to completing the ride just for the satisfaction of saying they did it." said David from Grand Teton

Chester's Grand Teton Harley Davidson will soon be returning to normal business hours, as the Broken Spoke Campground is getting ready for their 96 hours of Hoka Hey Mania.

Say tuned more news to come within the hour!


  1. My husband is "out there" on the challenge, from NV, and his buddy unfortunately went down on the PCH north of San Fran and he has found another HOG member from Louisiana that stayed with them until ambulance and tow arrived...this gentleman is STILL with my husband as they almost arrive in Sturgis. Kudos to all of the participants and especially to the families who are able to track through the awesome job of U.S. Fleet...THANK YOU!!

  2. As the Riders are making their way through the mountains of west. I pray all are staying alert, and they see the challenge for themselves to keep going The Strong will survive, the determined will win. Rock on

  3. WOW! what a great job of providing satelite coverage of what should become the most famous motorcycle challenge for a "Highway Rider" ever.
    Congrats to Hoka Hey, Harley, and U.S. Trucking for allowing we "wanna be's" to view and follow the event on our puters...and Best of Luck to all the Riders!

  4. I don't know any of the riders but have been tracking daily. I have viewed outstanding commoradery, when a rider had a problem in the middle of nowhere at dusk, in Louisiana and another rider stopped to assist, was apparently told to go on. The problem rider is still in that area (ignition off) hopefully getting repaired. The helpfull rider doing well!
    I watched other riders spend an hour trying to locate Bourbon Street(zoomed in to 25 feet) Must be frustrating, but they push on. These Warriors will certainly have some bragging rights to be proud of. I am so looking forward to being one of them next Hoka Hey!