Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year - A New Epoch

The launch of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge has marked a major turning point in how we conduct business.  In fact; just about every aspect of our personal lives will be impacted in 2011 as we leave heart & hearth in South Dakota for the good of the Challenge.   We acknowledge that we can’t do this next Challenge alone - so - in order to tap into the resources offered by a larger community, we have decided to move the Hoka Hey headquarters to Mesa, Arizona. 

Our new headquarters are located in close proximity to one of Hoka Hey’s greatest supporters - E.B. Chester of Chester’s Harley Davidson.  As a rider in the 2010 event, E.B. is a true believer in the principle of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and, like us; he knows that the Challenge has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of the participants and in the world of motorcycling. In true Hoka Hey fashion, he has accepted the challenge by volunteering his valuable time to help form our Organizing Committee and even take its lead.  With this kind of power behind it – the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is on track to make 2011 an unforgettable year!