Friday, September 5, 2014


More often than not if we fail to accomplish something it is due to a lack of persistence on our part.  Granted there are times when a task just cannot be accomplished due to outside forces, but the level of force we succumb to varies with different people.  There are literally countless examples of applied persistence during a Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.   Each year there are a number of riders who exemplify themselves with a heightened level of persistence and dedication.  Chuck Marble (Hoka Hey Rider #85) is one rider who did just that during the 2013 and 2014 Challenge.  Last year Chuck found himself in a swampy ditch in Minnesota.  With the help of Matt Wolf the bike was put back upright and, after taking some time to remove the multitude of ticks acquired while wallowing in the swampy water, continued on his way.  Later during the same ride he was struck by a deer and went down in the nether reaches of Arkansas. Alone in the night he straightened his front fender and duck taped his ride to make it to the Checkpoint in Little Rock.  Upon arrival at Lander’s Harley he was taken to the hospital where it was discovered he, in addition to his road rash, had some seriously bruised ribs.  He returned to Lander’s made some final repairs on his ride and continued on to Irving; completing the ride.  During the 2014 Challenge Chuck towed a fellow rider 12 miles and assisted that rider through his dehydrated state; staying with him until he was sure all was well.  Upon his arrival in Homer, Chuck remained on station until that rider came in.  Like I say, there are countless examples of persistence and selfless service to others from start to finish of every Hoka Hey Challenge.  Selfless service and persistence in the face of serious obstacles has become synonymous with the Hoka Hey Challenger. 
Continue to watch this BLOG; submitted stories from our riders are coming in and bits and pieces will be placed here.  
Hoka Hey!!!