Sunday, September 9, 2012

UPDATES Page on Hoka Hey Challenge .Com

We want to welcome everyone to check out our Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge UPDATES page!  We will be using this page to archive information from our HOME page. Check there for information about the event, our whereabouts, the webpage and our charity! We believe that knowledge is power and we feel that by sharing what we know, you will be better able to make informed decisions about your support and participation in the event!

Our first entry is dated 9-SEP-2012 and announces that we are getting ready to hit the road again in order to start promoting the 2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge!

Our first stop will be the Trail of Tears Remembrance Ride which begins in Chattanooga, TN and ends in Florence, AL. Jim and a handful of Hoka Hey Challengers will be meeting at the Thunder Creek Harley-Davidson in Chattanooga on the evening of the 14th. The ride itself takes place on the 15th of September. It is a one day ride that departs Chattanooga, TN at 8:00am and travels 200 miles to Florance, AL where we will have the tipi set up to promote the 2013 event.

We think it would be a pretty remarkable statement if we can get 20 or more Hoka Hey riders / supporters together to join this ride!  I (Beth) will be waiting for everyone on the other end and will hope to see several of you there!

From the Trail of Tears Remembrance ride, we hope to be at Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville, AR (Sept. 26-29) and then on to Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, FL (Oct 18-21) and the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX (Nov 1-4). We will post information on our UPDATES page about our whereabouts as arrangements get confirmed.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge - WOLAKOTA

Wolakota is peace, beyond peace.  
Being happy with who you are, what you have in this world and not wanting more while in this world.... Sometimes, in this world you have to lose yourself to find yourself.... I pray for Wolakota for all my relatives who are lost and not at peace. For all those who need to find themselves today, I pray for them as well. Wolakota.

  A Lakota prophecy was given during the hard times of the 1890s. The Sacred Hoop - the tie binding the Seven Fires of the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nations - had been broken by massacres, starvation and campaigns to eradicate the Buffalo Nation. The Lakota Nations are direct descendants of the Buffalo and their way of life, culture and Spirituality are dependent on this relationship. The prophecy says, in part, that the Seventh Generation would come together to Mend the Sacred Hoop, restore the Spirit of the Nations and unite all Nations to heal our Mother Earth.  

Now is the time of the Seventh Generation.

'Wolakota' - The word itself means reconciliation, or understanding each other in a good and peaceful way. This word is from the Lakota ideal of living in peace and community with everything and abstaining from greed. Wolakota is to act and behave with ultimate respect, harmony, peace and friendship. No matter who we are or where we come from, we can choose to live sustainably, but we can't do it without each other.

To live Wolakota is to live a life of peace, friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, and right relationship and respect between human beings and all forms of life. Living in accordance with this belief encourages people to step forward and take accountability; to work together to right the wrongs of this world and acknowledge the strengths and wisdom that all cultures hold in common; our connection to each other and to the Earth. By upholding the philosophy of Wolakota we can achieve the well-being of the People seven generations into the future.  

As members of the Seneca Nation, the owners of Wolf's Run in Irving, NY understand the principal of Wolakota and they believe that by hosting the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, they are helping to unite the nations together. Willie Parry & Sally Snow understand that there is a lot of work to do in this capacity and, in order to help advance the cause, it has been decided that the 2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will BEGIN AND END IN THE HEART OF THE SENECA NATION AT WOLF'S RUN with Wolf's Run Transport and Gowanda Harley-Davidson as our hosts once again!

Beginning on JUNE 23RD, 2013 and traveling approximately 7,000 miles, the 2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will test riders' abilities to navigate, endure and persevere along some of the most technical roads in the contiguous 48 States.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is not your local poker run! It will try your tolerance for ambiguity. It will test your determination, your resolve and your stamina.  
  • It is not for the faint of heart.   
  • It is not for those are afraid of getting lost.  
  • It is not for those that can't handle uncertainty.   
  • It is not for the weak.   
Riders must be able to adjust to change and to amend their thinking from day to day; minute to minute; mile to mile.  So, if you are ready to dig deep within to find whether you have strength of mind or a sense of purpose; you are ready to take the Challenge!

Bring your friends and share in the glory!  
Any one that signs up 10 riders will  
Ride for FREE!! 

We would love to see you all at the starting line in June 2013!!!
There is LESS THAN 10 MONTHS to gear up so contact us now to register for the event that continues to change lives & shape ideas!  

Are you prepared to lose yourself in order to find yourself?  

Are you at peace within?   

Or are you still seeking!?!

*Please read all forms carefully before submitting your application package.

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge 
Beth Durham
Director of Operations
Phone # 605-890-0386