Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Resolution


As I sit here working on a Hoka Hey video and trying to capture the essence of Auld Lang Syne, I reflect on all that has taken place since we started the Hoka Hey Challenge and wanted to take a moment to share apologies and appreciation.

First of all, I admit that I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately and for that I apologize. The intervening years since our inaugural event have been difficult - starting with the haters and nay-sayers, ranging through a family catastrophes & law suits and now peaking with delays on the final production. But, feeling sorry for myself and allowing that to get in the way of our mission is unacceptable. 

It was on Christmas evening, as we celebrated the holiday at the Chief's house that it really struck me. There were close to 50 people crammed in the front room and kitchen at Grandpa's house and the excitement grew as the "Committee" shouted out names and passed out packages. The Chief had had a close call on an icy road recently and it was obvious that he was glad to be alive and grateful to share the holiday with family. It was marvelous to see that 94 year old man glow with childlike anticipation as the Christmas tradition was enacted once again. And, like a smack upside the head, it hit me... "What do I have to feel bad about!?!"

Sure there have been a series of disappointments and set backs in recent years but, when I stop to realize that Chief Oliver Red Cloud has been banging his head against the proverbial wall for 75 years or more, my sense of "Oh poor me" is pretty darned embarrassing. I won't say that the Chief has never become discouraged or asked "Why do I bother?" But, if he has, he hasn't maintained the mindset or let it get the best of him and I can only hope to learn from his example of perseverance, tenacity and resolve.

The best gift I received this year was a beautiful crochet Hoka Hey afghan from one of our riders and his wife and; while it is a wonderful gift, it really means so much more to me. This afghan, made with such skill and thoughtfulness, has served to remind me once again that we are not in this thing alone. There are a lot of people out there that really believe in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. They believe in what we are trying to accomplish and for that I am grateful. 

I sometimes need to remind myself that nothing that's worth having in this world comes easily. The things that we put our greatest efforts in to are the things that will matter most to us at the end of our lifetime because when you work hard for something you will value it far more than if it has just been handed to you. Certainly I recognize that it's nice to be blessed and to receive blessings but, for the New Year; I resolve to remember that if I stay focused, continue to work hard, be humble and remain dedicated to the cause; I will not only be a better person for it but will be less likely to take those blessings for granted.

"But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight --
Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight."

         From "Lover's in a Dangerous Time"
         ~Bruce Cockburn

Thank you so much to all who believe in the Hoka Hey Challenge. I consider you all to be blessings in my life. And, especially you David (Rider # 91) & Lois Lutes for your kindness and for getting me back on track. Lois - I will enjoy and remark at the skill that went in to that afghan for the rest of my life!

Happy New Year Everybody.  I hope you enjoy the short video I made in honor of you and in celebration of all things worth fighting for!

A Very Hoka Hey New Year
A Very Hoka Hey New Year
Challenge Coin
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