Monday, August 29, 2011

They are continuing to arrive!

91 - David Lutes
180 - Henry Hilliard
190 - Richard Drake
207 - Milton Vincent
290 - Walter Ledig
319 - Marion Ezell
348 - Mark Hodge
608 - Steven Nowak
616 - Keith Deninno
619 - Gary Simoneaux
621 - Kenneth Militmore
628 - Lawrence Murray
640 - John Ibbitson
643 - William Stueber
645 - John Baumann
650 - Jane Bixby
652 - Schatzi Brown
653 - Ronald Warren
655 - Robert Scott
662 - Gary Barnes
670 - Tim Menzie
678 - Bruce Sather
699 - Michael Rogers


  1. Glad to see these riders made it through terrible heat, rain, hurricane and earthquake. What a ride it must have been for them all!

  2. Thanks for posting the names of the ones that arrived. Glad to see 290 Walter Ledig from La. His employees have been praying for his safe arrival.

  3. As I understand it, today 9/5/11 is the last day for arrivals...I have followed since day one and had a very enjoyable time, being able to watch the numbers, zooming in and "riding" along with them on familiar roads. A most gracious THANK YOU! to the Hoka Hey Staff and the check point dealers, for a terrific job of hosting such a remarkable challenge ride.
    A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! to all the finishers, and challengers that were unable to least you went for it!
    Already anxiuos for next year... There really should be more publicity for the event...I am doing my part by mentioning the "Hoka Hey" to everone I run into...they are amazed at such an undertaking and not hearing of it before. Then there are the comments about the people that actually ride it...LOL. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!