Friday, August 19, 2011

Bumpus Harley-Davidson sharing their love before the longest push!

Well, it’s been quite a week at Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Murfreesboro, TN. The first rider arrived Sunday afternoon, August 14th and the time clocked started at that point. We extended our 96 hours open to 120 hours in an effort to accommodate a few more riders. Many of our HOG chapter members and loyal customers have spent tireless hours greeting riders, cleaning windshields-headlights-taillights, and, just trying to make them as comfortable as possible when they arrive. Our General Manager, Timmy Glenn: parts manager, Jonathon Roberts: service manager, Dave Holder: and two technicians (Phillip Swack and Terry Mason) worked 12 hour night shift(s) the past 5 nights. Tom and Angie Bumpus have personally greeted most every rider during the days and well into the evenings.
As the riders check-in and see the 2100+ mile route from us to their next stop reactions have been quite mixed...lots of deep breaths, some mumbling, and a few four letter words! Everyone seems to leave with a pretty darn good attitude, excited to continue the journey.
Of course the first several riders were in and out with little rest, however as time passes more riders have taken advantage of our shower, customer lounge and just plain relaxed a bit. We’ve had riders sleep in all corners of our parking lot, on picnic tables and in the bushes and shrubs.
The stories are endless and we enjoy hearing them all. I know this “Challenge” has a lot of our HOG members, customers and employees debating the possibilities of competing next year.
To see all of our pictures so far, please feel free to visit our Facebook page; Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro


  1. Please remain open for the rest of theriders that will come through instead of closing your doors to where they have to wait for you to reopen to get things fixed/repaired on their bikes. I know your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. What an F-N race...from Mesa Arizona to Sydney Nova Scotia Cananda..these men and women have proved time and time again..the passion and love for the American Roads...Warriors is all I can say and I hope if it ever comes down to it that I will ride with them in the end days! ~ SRFINZO 2011

  3. Congrats to Will, you are one Hell-of-a-Rider! From the info being provided all the riders to finish are to be commended. Hoka Hey set the route, they followed...whatever the pace, it must be a greatly, gratifying accomplishment!
    To the sponsors and dealership checkpoints along the way for the wonderful support...Thank you very much! Hoka Hey, Please do it again next year?

  4. Amazing! There are still a bunch of Warriors on the trails 20 days after the start of the Hoka Hey! Man! what determination...not to mention hard asses also...LOL. I salute you men and women that are hanging in there to the finish. It's a long challenge, no matter the time period...congratulations to all that finish!!!
    I would certainly like to hear the stories of their adventure...