Monday, August 15, 2011

Straight from the Wisconsin Harley Davidson Checkpoint to you!!

Wisconsin Harley-Davidson kicked into high gear on Friday, August 12, after spending a sleepless night before, tracking the leaders. Since the leader graced our door early Friday morning, we have been welcoming, servicing and accommodating these Iron Warriors around the clock. They are welcomed by our staff, customers and Hoka Hey fans visiting our location from all over the Midwest to salute their accomplishments thus far, as well as, offer encouragement for the road ahead. Our Master Level Service team has met the challenge time and time again, performing service and repairs in times that would make the top NASCAR teams envious. The riders are afforded a large spread of food and beverages that of course, include some traditional Wisconsin Brats!

Rider spirits although pretty weathered, continue to remain upbeat and positive. They take the time to share stories of the road which allows everyone here the ability to live this quest through their eyes. Some come in and register, shake a few hands and mount their rides for another leg while others are taking advantage of our park-like setting to get some much needed sleep in the soft, cool grass and shade provided by our perfect weather. Some of the stories we have encountered will be talked about and shared with people for a long time. Some of the many that stick out are:

An attractive wife and mother from Florida, who got her motorcycle license 16 days before the start of the ride, bought a bike and rode it from her Florida home to Arizona to take on the Hoka Hey Challenge. She arrived at the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson check point in the top 30 riders and with a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm lifted everyone around her.

A mid 50's gentleman who is taking on the Hoka Hey riding his sportster arrived at the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson checkpoint in the top 35. He was enjoying the ride and talked about how his wife and dog drove up from their Texas home to surprise him at Gail's Harley-Davidson outside Kansas City. He became emotional when he talked about how touched he was by their support. His wife and dog curled up along side him on the grass so they could spend the night together.

There is the story of 3 guys from different parts of the United Stated who met last year while on the 2010 Hoka Hey Challenge. Since 2010 they have become great friends and are pushing each other to a strong finish in 2011.

There have been many stories of encounters or close encounters with animals. One gentleman has had 2 run ins with deer, one of which took him down. He is sore but riding on. He looks much better than his bike. Then there is the story of another gentleman who has hit 2 deer, and owl and a Bat. The owl was a direct blow to the face, yet he soldiers on. Or the gentleman who took on an elk and won, well kind of. He also continues on. While the reward for winning is great, all of these rider will tell stories of the fellow competitors who stopped and spent considerable time making sure they were alright and helping to get them back up on they bikes and riding on.



  1. Rock on riders, ride safe!

  2. Excellent write up, thanks for that! Cheers to all of you and cheers to these riders...what a ride, what a ride!!!

  3. what a great post. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's happening there in WI. Beautiful state...

  4. Great post Wisconsin HD!!!

    you have raised the bar on check point updates.

    Hey other HD checkpoints, take a lesson from these guys!!!!

  5. I am in awed by this. I have been glued to my laptop tracking all the riders. I admired your courage and dedication and hope that somehow I will be able to draw from your bravery to become a better person. Good luck to you!!!