Thursday, August 11, 2011

From our Secret Squirrel Check Point!!

Our team arrived on the scene of Sturgis Bike Week's events at Broken Spoke Campground in the shadow of Bear Butte. Even at dawn things were already getting wild and the place was packed with bikers from all over the world. We greeted our challengers and heard tales of their journey morning, noon, and night. For most there was a clear focus on their goal that made them completely disregard the festivities, their eyes were on the prize and they were quick to ride off towards glory. A few lucky riders had and family surprise them at the check point and help give them the strength to go on. Fatigue was great but spirits were high.

To their surprise, challengers had a stop to make before heading down go Colorado. They followed their directions carefully to find themselves at the home of Chief Oliver Redcloud, leader of the Sioux nations. They were welcomed inside and given a hot meal and great conversation with the chief. All were given the opportunity to sleep in a teepee on the front lawn, most riders welcomed the chance for shelter after the first several legs of their journey.


  1. I am in awe of the riders and the challenge. we are planning our participation in the future. We plan on greeting some at Laconia. Good luck and God speed to all!


  2. That was a wonderful gift to give those great warriors while they travel. To get to spend time with a great leader the honor of him sharing his words with them and offer of sleeping in the Tee Pee.
    Jim you have one top class challenge here. Riders we are watching you and sending prayers up for you in this challenge. Rock on