Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Challengers are riding through Irene!!

Bill Stueber arriving at the finish line

A few riders are still pushing through. Being on the road for over three weeks, still continuing to follow the rules and route, has taken a toll on some of the riders. One challenger is riding with the flu, ear infection and fever, while another is riding injured. The Perseverance that some of the challengers have is what the Hoka Hey spirit is all about. We all have witnessed the damage the hurricane has unleashed on the east coast, as many of us sit at home watching it on television, here is one man of a few that actually rode through it to arrive at the finish line.


  1. It is wonderful to be able to witness the perseverance of these Challengers as they cross the finish line. I have had the pleasure of welcoming 90% of those who have crossed the line. All riders have been cheerful and stated that the ride was incredible. This challenge will never be forgotten by those who had the opportunity to ride.

  2. What a brave and obviously CRAZY warrior