Friday, August 5, 2011

This is just the beginning!!!

The rider’s meeting last night went extremely well and the challengers were joined by Harley Davidson executives.

At 5:43 am the riders embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Many slept by their horses the night before, preparing for this great adventure ahead of them. As the sun rose , the air was cool and fresh, it turned out to be a beautiful morning. The pack was led out of Chester’s Harley Davidson by Ed Leclere on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle and President of Harley Matt Levatich.
They rode side by side as David Roma’s film crew, “The movement” inc. filmed from the ground and the sky.

As they begin this great event..We wish them a safe ride!! HOKA HEY!!


  1. It was truly an awesome thing to watch the many riders take off. Rock on

  2. Ride like the wind and God as your co-pilot...SAFE JOURNEY to ALL!!!!