Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deadline to be extended!!

Due to the number of twisties on this route, the organizers recognized the slow progress of a number of challengers and intend that the August 21st deadline for arrival will be removed. All participants that stay the course will be recognized as official 2011 Finishers.
So Bust out the Bedrolls people.... if your bringing up the rear we'll still be waiting for you!

The party being thrown by Cape Breton Island in honor of Hoka Hey challengers will still be held on August 21st at the Joan Harris Pavilion in Sydney. Plans are being made for the awards and recognition of our finishers. Please sign up for our mailing list to receive immediate notification.


  1. Congrads to all who have driven themselves so far you will have found something in yourselves you did not know you posessed.You will be a better individual for it.
    Hoka Hey rides mean differant things to differant people-any rider is my brother or sister-for life

  2. Cherie "Messenger " CrossAugust 14, 2011 at 7:35 AM

    Hokahey was a life changing experience for me last year. I'm glad all who stay the course are still recognized. It doesn't matter I finished #137 out of 211 in Homer. What matters is I FINISHED! ! I'm riding in spirit with all my brothers and "sprocket " sisters, LOL. BTW, #264 has renewed strength. Today is a new day!!

  3. This is cool, this ride will help all riders see the can reach many challenges in life. Kelly I like your comment to,we all need to search ourselves and find greater person inside of us.
    Let us all search for that better person, Like Kelly said you are all my brother and my sister. Rock on