Monday, August 22, 2011

Here are some of the named finishers!

You have been watching their numbers on the track map & now you can know who they are!!

5 - Karl Netherland
16 - Marc Story
50 - Robert Crawford
55 - Michael McGuire
175 - Frank Kelly
264 - Terry Meyer
341 - Robert Carlo
600 - Shaun VanBeber
601 - Michael Fox
604 - James Huffman
639 - Scott Jenkins
654 - James Howatson
668 - Thomas Kinsey
682 - Brent Witters
683 - Dennis Kelly
703 - William Barclay

605 - Mark James
649 - Kelly Withers
676 - Stan Kistler
677 - Debra Langley
685 - Wendy Battles


  1. What is the story with Kelly Withers 649 and Wendy Battles 685? They road together for a long time and had some significant delays in NS. Sounds like a story of friendship, perseverance, and persistence.


  3. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Hoka Hey. You are all winners as far as I'm concerned. You've done more than a lot of us would. Considering how many own and ride Harleys, you have exceeded what many would even think of attempting to achieve. Way to go!!!!!

  4. I would like to answer the question from Mr. Anonymous about Kelly and Wendy. YES... they rode together for a large portion of the Challenge, but for a very good reason. Kelly's ride changed when he saved another riders life at an accident scene, he is a trained medic with the U.S Army. Then when he hear of the stand-off Wendy had with a few 1%ers, he took her under his wing and again his ride changed. I was there when they both crossed the finish line and when I shook his hand I knew what he is made of instantly. K.C. we are honored to be in your presents. Chapter 9044 Cape Breton Harley Owners Group

  5. Good morning "699". I was happy to see you have arrived in Sydney today.I saw you stopped in Heatherton last night at 11pm & went to check on you. Was happy to find you sleeping peacefully huddled cozzy next to your bike.Hope you enjoyed your treats. Big Hugs Hoka Hey Cheerleader! :)

  6. Joyce - I am not sure who you are, but just wanted to say thank you. 699 is my brother. This has been a long journey for him (as for all of the other riders) and I am sure he appreciated your treats :) Wish I could have been there to see him at the finish line. What determination and achievement for all who participated. Can't wait for him to be home! Hoping he gets home before Irene hits!! Thanks again!!!!

  7. Kelly, Liz, and Jack are proud of their uncle "699". Can't wait to hear the stories

  8. I am still monitoring the challenge daily...Man you guys and girls ROCK! Completing the challenge is a determination & perserverence thing! I would love to hear the stories you'll have to tell your families and friends about that ride! Probably a few adventures for the record books, and to think warriors did it on horseback. They had did it of choice...congratulations to all...
    Chief Redcloud You have done a great justice helping your people and ours to understand some of the past...and combining it with now...iron horse version...Hoka Hey!

  9. I was unable to finish due to mechanical/money issues. Much Love and Respect to all that rode and a big HOKA HEY to those that made the entire route. I know the 10,000 plus miles I did took it's toll on this ole man and his bike but we are both still functional. I am honored to be associated with all who rode this year and last. Rider #59