Friday, August 5, 2011

Challengers on the verge of their first checkpoint

Las Vegas Harley Davidson is patiently waiting for the riders to come in and help them with whatever needs they may have. They will remain open until the last challenger comes through their doors.

We do have confirmation of a wreck, a rider did go down on loose gravel traveling at 21 mph earlier today, but have no report from the hospital of his conditions. Thanks to fellow riders this information was reported in a timely fashion. When we have further information on this matter we will relay the info.

The U.S. Fleet Tracking map has been a concern for followers. The only information we can say is that this is a new feature for the Hoka Hey Challenge. If it is difficult to see a certain individual it is because they are riding so closely in the pack. Give the tracking devices a few days once each rider achieves their own pace on this journey!


  1. I can't see any markers on the map. Did it go down completely after fleet made their change to licensed riders?

  2. the tracking device shows on the individual site o.k., but we can't find the number in the pack., even though I can see the time of day on other bikes as being behind him but it;snot showing him in front. what's up?

  3. Kinda disapointed on the tracking also, hard to find rider in pack, numbers all jumbled up. But I'm getting a good geography lesson! Good luck to all the riders,stay safe!
    You go Dave!

  4. by double clicking on the page, you can zoom in to the spot your rider is. as you zoom closer, the riders are no longer one on top the other and you can see EXACTLY where they are! I'm following #168...and now I will watch y'all as well! Good riding and be well.