Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poetry in Motion!

By Andy G. Carr

Now Hoka Hey II is all in the books,
And we have all been blessed,
With another year’s good plannings,
And more and more success!

Big Jim and poor Beth,
A Warriors mate is she,
And the Dealerships’ great helpful crews,
Made it easier for me!

That big V Twin Harley,
Once more is proven strong,
Amazed, inspired, and uplifted us,
Always singing that deep rumbling song!

We started way out west,
Along the Navajo Trail,
Then north through the land of the Nez Perce,
We gave it our very best!

Through desert heat and pouring rain,
And critters on the roads,
The traffic we endured again,
And crossed a Golden Gate.

The sad life on reservations we viewed,
As along their roads we flew,
An oath we all again took,
The wrath of our forefathers to undo!

A blessing from a great Lakota Chief,
Again placed in our hearts,
And shared with love and brotherhood,
Now we must do our parts!

To make aware our nation,
All the Red Men have endured,
Let’s start to cause some healing,
And their spirits to be cured!

We’ve pushed our Harley steeds,
Up Rocky Mountain gravel roads,
Through Yosemite and Yellowstone,
Through great Sequoia trees .

Crossed the Great American Plains,
Breadbasket to us and much of our world,
From Sturgis down to Beaumont,
The heartland we have toured.

We’ve grabbed a Dragon by it’s Tail,
Witnessed Southern Hospitality in Nashville,
Ridden through the great Smokies,
And eaten good at Gail’s.

Come down through the lands of the Chippewas,
Ottawas, Pottawatomies, Miamis, and the Hurons,
Then farther south through the Illinois,
Shawnee, Chickasaws, and the Choctaws we ran.

Gone east to the home of the Seminoles,
Then turned north once more to traverse,
The lands of the Creek, the Cherokee, the Powhatan,
And the Modocs whom the Pilgrims when landing saw first.

Now it’s on farther north we ride,
Through the lands of the Delaware,
The Iroquois, and the Abenakis we glide,
To our finish in the land of the Algonquins.

We’ve been chased north by a hurricane,
Way east of the Great Divide,
And ridden into an earthquake,
Still on and on we ride!

To win is of no import,
To compete is our request,
To ride and become one with others,
Our selves and our weaknesses our conquest!

Our test has been run,
Yes Warriors are we,
And we’ve all checked our mettle,
From the mountains to the sea!

Now Hoka Hey II is all in the books,
And we have all been blessed,
With another year’s good plannings,
And more and more success!!
And more and more success!


  1. I BEG YOUR PARDON.... it is not all in the books.
    There are dozens of riders out there who are still trying to finish
    this "Challenge" They have ridden as hard as everyone else and put as much on the line as everyone one else has. So lets not forget them.
    So until the last rider crosses the finish line it is not "all in the books"

    Mark brother of rider 608....

  2. The Challenge is far from over and the stories from the riders that crossed the finish line today are as important as the early riders. Nothing has been verified and keep in mind the the electronic foot print from the tracking system will verify where each rider went and whether they were speeding or not. The finish line is still OPEN and the Challenge is not over.

  3. Amen it's not over yet

  4. Yes, the two guys I sponsored are still out there too. They are #207 Bubba and #662 Blackie. They are my brothers! As the author, I wanted to convey several things in my poem and had no intent of keeping anyone out. This one has been different from the first and very physically demanding.
    My hat is off to all who organized and participated in the Challenge. To Harley Davidson for making the best motorcycles in the world! To the network of dealers who put out the "WELCOME" mat and were such an asset to the Challenge!! To the organizers, families and fans who, as I, have lived and breathed this challenge for two years, and for U S FLEET TRACKING and satellite technology for showing me parts of America I would never have seen!!
    As the author, I may take some poetic privilige and license to complete my project in an appropriate time so that all may enjoy the fruits of my labors. When I sent it yesterday, I thought, "These folks still out there have a hurricane blowin' up there butts and pushin' them into an earthquake!! There will never be another one like this one and I hope nothin' major happens that I should have put in my poem!"

  5. Really like the poem, but yeah, we could have waited until all the challengers finish before publishing it. Every rider counts!

  6. Congratulations to #699. Way to stick it out. Have a Canadian beer on me.

  7. ***699*** great job!!! Congrats. Looking forward to seeing you home.
    To all of the riders still out there - be safe!!!!

  8. WAY TO GO #608.... been watching you for 3 weeks not glad to see your on your way home.... Please be safe... stay clear of the bag of wind out there...