Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A.D. Farrows showing their support!

Jimmy, our sponsored rider, had ridden nearly 8,200 miles by the time he reached A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson. He was greeted not only by two of the cutest little red heads and his lovely wife, but 50 or so of his closest friends. Admittedly, it was a little tough to hold back the tears as his oldest daughter ran and gave him a card she had just made. We all were so happy to see that he was safe and in one piece.

Along the way he has seen some incredible country side and met some great people. Jimmy commented that while he has seen some amazing scenery he really has only seen half of the states because half the time he was riding at night!

As for the people well, thats what this is really all about. So many of the riders are talking about each other siting stories of fatigue, a chat here in there over their bluetooth headsets, to lift morale, or just say hi. As the stories are told along the ride and the riders show their faces (with a little help wiping the road grime and sunscreen away) we can't help but imagine being on the ride with them.

Jimmy recently made a push and gained in the rankings.
Go Jimmy! Hoka Hey and be safe!


  1. Keep riding Jimmy. To all the riders Rock on you are living a dream that others wish for.

  2. Thank you A.D. Farrow, as always, for your support of the riding community, and these amazing riders! I was lucky enough to meet new-rider single mom there yesterday. Being a single mom rider myself, she is a real inspiration!

    Thanks also to #649 for the gift he gave my son, and for your years of service to our country! Would have liked to have chatted with you guys longer. Would love to hear from you about how the rest of the challenge went!

    Ride safe,
    Sonya in Sunbury, OH

  3. I just checked the GPS map on HH's website. I see #608 is there at AD Farrow's!(It's 10:00 MTN Time here in MT.)
    I met #608 briefly in Miles City, MT. I was returning from Sturgis to my home in northeast MT. We were both fueling up and I asked him if he was coming back from Sturgis. He said:"No, I'm running the Hoka Hey Challenge." I didn't know what that was, he said to look it up on line. I've been following his progress since then. I'm amazed at all these riders! Keep rollin #608!!

  4. I was one of Jimmy's (#604) "50 or so closest friends" at A.D. Farrows on Sunday....definitely had tears in my eyes when he arrived. He is going to continue to kick butt until he arrives at the final stop in Nova Scotia. The few riders in front of him have ALL done this endurance test before - that goes to show how awesome Jimmy is doing. The people at Northstar are wonderful and took SUCH good care of him... thanks to you, you guys ROCK! Go Jimmy, keep up the great work and be safe. We love you!