Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From the mouth of Junie and Chuck.....

As we traveled across the US and Canada we were encouraged by people from facebook, the yahoo group, phone calls from family members and the people we met on the road. The media leads us to believe that it is a dangerous and cruel world out there but what we had the fortune to realize is that this is really a loving caring world of kind and generous people. We were fed by homeless people, given money to buy breakfast by a kind man who wanted to show his christian love for man kind, had our bikes repaired by random passers by who just want to help and spent countless hours sharing the needs of the Lakota Sioux. We truly hope that we can carry this to the rest of the world and allow others to share vicariously through our adventure of a life time.

Hoka Hey

Love Junie and Chuck
#383 & #85

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