Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dark Days Are Coming

     As much as we try to force our will on the seasons we will never be able to eliminate the cold months and adverse road conditions of winter.  Some, based on your location, are immune to such horrible things.  However, for those of us in the nether regions, we stand at our window and stare in disbelief as the first snow flake gently falls to the ground.  We hear it laughing at us as it passes by the window pane.  We defiantly stare it in the face and quietly whisper, "you suck."  We mope around the house with no direction or focus in life.  We seek counsel from our friends in an effort to gain from them a sense of understanding - why is the happening?  You think, "Perhaps if we band together as we do in the summer we can survive the dark days."  But they are in no better shape than you; pitifully staring at the walls with no chance of happiness.  We walk to the garage and console our ride; we assure it that the upcoming storage is not due to any infraction of the rules; it is not being punished.  We assure our faithful partner that those things that do not kill us make us stronger.  We remind it that life as we know it has not ended, just put on hold for a short time.

     OK, a little melodramatic there so we'll stop.  However, winter is coming which means our rides are going to get stuck in a corner of the garage for a few months.  This is the time to prepare our motorcycles for storage.  We'll not get into how to do that; most already know how.  If you don't know how to winterize your ride then the ever-popular Google search will prove helpful.  Gas, battery, tires and oil will all need a little TLC; a good cleaning and coat of wax maybe.  The more you do now the less you will have to do on the first good riding day that will come in a few months.

     Winter is the perfect time to change tires, brakes and filters.  Maybe a paint job is in order.  Preventative maintenance will keep you upright and riding next season and provides a barrier between you and an unexpected breakdown.  The most important thing to do is not spend money un-necessarily... you need to tuck that money away so you can use it during the 2014 Hoka Hey.

     Several initiatives are in the works for the Hoka Hey Family and we will be asking assistance from some of you.  In fact, we have enough "irons in the fire" that we can give every Hoka Hey Rider a small project to do during the winter; that is, if you are a willing warrior.  Route planning, marketing, spreading the word, fund raising, pictures, short stories, videos... just a short list.  If you want to be a part of what we are planning then please contact us.  You will not regret it - the winter will not be wasted.

     Oh yea, one last thing.  Don't let anyone stack boxes on your ride or use the handle bar grips as a cloths hanger.  Your ride has feelings and it too is suffering during the dark days.


  1. Hello to all my Hoka Hey Brothers and Sisters in the cold weather climates...May you all have a tolerable cold season, stay as comfortable as you can and above all I wish you all good health throughout the year.
    I am Captain Bob #738 looking forward to Hoka Hey 2014. I couldn't ride 2013 due to being unexpectedly relocated in Puerto Rico from May to October. (Not to mention a crashed bike :-). Anyway I was able to fly and drive (overnight Florida to New York-Hoka Hey style) just long enough to attend the 2013 celebration, awards party. For anyone reading this for the first time, or ones that were not able to attend, you certainly missed a great time and unbelievable food! The Staff did an excellent job as well as our host, Mama Beth. She works with her people all year long to stage these challenges that many of us have come to love. It must be very difficult at times...I have learned through my voluntarily promoting of the Hoka Hey, that it is in fact not easy but hard work. I chose this path partially because of my ability to ride year round in five southeastern states, but more so, my goal to help the people of Pine Ridge Reservation by educating the public of the purpose and challenge. I hope we can have a very good turnout for 2014 and look forward meeting new and seeing all other warriors in June.

    1. Thanks Cpt Bob... Look forward to meeting you