Monday, August 19, 2013

The Warrior Rides Again

Introducing Akicita (ah-kee-chee-dah) which is the Lakota word for Warrior.

Akicita joined the Hoka Hey family in 2010 when it was presented to us by a Veteran that we sponsored through the Sponsor a Veteran program.  Rider #322, Barry Goldweber (Bear), was the last rider to cross the finish line in Homer, AK; arriving there on the 8th of July after spending 18 days on the road!

Since that time, this extraordinary expression of gratitude has been sitting on a shelf in Jim’s man cave.  And while being seen and appreciated by us is nice, it is not what a true Hoka Hey warrior is meant to do.  So, the time has come for Akicita to hit the road…

Traveling to Milwaukee with Jeff Kohn (#168) will be just the beginning of his adventure.  From there, Jeff will hand Akicita off to a worthy Hoka Hey Challenger who will get to carry him home.  That rider will have one month or less to show him off and to show him around.  Traveling by bike, Akicita will venture cross country and perhaps around the world – taking pictures and telling stories as he goes.  Passing from one Challenger to the next, Akicita should change hands no less than 11 times before arriving in Homer, AK again in 2014!! 

Any one who would thinks they are worthy of carrying Akicita forward should meet Jeff at 7:00am by the Hill Climber sculpture at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee on Saturday August 31st (be sure to bring your Challenge coin).   

It is time for Akicita to see and be seen.  Who will be the one to carry him next?  


  1. I am curious as to where the Hoka Hey Challengers are from. I know Alaska has been represented by a rider. Have all of the lower 48 states been represented? And what other countries have been represented? I know of Australia and Scottland...what others?

  2. Through the years we've had Challengers representing all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, China, Poland, Norway!! Little by little, we are sending our message around the globe!