Monday, July 22, 2013

Hoka Hey 2014 - Unfinished Business

At one time or another, we have all either left a task uncompleted; avoided a responsibility; forgotten a promise or left a relationship in need of mending. In each instance, we lose a tiny bit of ourselves – until eventually we are left searching. Searching for the pieces we've left behind.

Billed as UNFINISHED BUSINESS – the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will follow a new route to cover some old ground between Key West, FL and Homer, AK. Unfinished Business is a journey that will convince participants that the things we have avoided are the things that have the power to transform, enrich, and even complete us. Long stretches of open highway and dark, cold, rainy nights will encourage participants not only to be mindful of what is most important in life, but to act on it. By taking honest and courageous stock of our own unfinished business, we all can live lives that honor our best selves.

In keeping with the Lakota ideal of ‘Wolakota’; Unfinished Business will open new paths for both personal and spiritual growth because it will not only opens the eyes of riders to the deplorable conditions on remote Indian reservations around America, but it will also bring out the riders’ own true character! At some point during their ride, the Challenge transforms itself from a long distance motorcycle ride into a life changing event and not one participant has been able to hide the true nature within them if they struggle and persevere. The goodness, the strength, and the warrior spirit will always surface for any one that runs the Challenge with integrity, tenacity and heart.

Unfinished Business may prove to be the perfect antidote to those tortured nights when we toss and turn over the shoulda-coulda-wouldas. Still... There should be no doubt:

  • The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is not your local poker run! 
  • It will try your tolerance for ambiguity. 
  • It will test your determination, your resolve and your stamina. 
  • It is not for the faint of heart. 
  • It is not for any one afraid of getting lost. 
  • It is not for those that can’t handle uncertainty. 
  • It is not for the weak. 
  • Riders must be able to adjust to change and to amend their thinking from day to day; minute to minute; mile to mile.
  • This is the toughest motorcycle ride on Earth!!

What if tomorrow never comes? Will you be left with Unfinished Business? 


  1. I will be there, coming out of retirement COIN #138.