Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet the Rider: Greg Shafer # 186

Greg #186 of Camdenton, MO. has ridden in four of the five Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s but it wasn’t until 2012 he saw his first finish line. And still refers to the event as the Honka Hey! After running into someone in a bar who was intending on riding from Key West, Fl. to Homer, Ak. Greg realized this was something he had to try. No one really knew what we were in for that first year but all had “our own opinions” about it. Being rear ended not once but twice by the same driver in Georgia while the driver argued with a girlfriend on the phone and another accident in AZ. that fortunately for him Bill Aviles and Kelsey Dowell realized someone had gone off the road because of the dust they saw on the side of the road, probably saved his life. Bill immediately kicked into his EMT mode having emergency life saving equipment with him was able to have Greg airlifted to a hospital close to the accident.
Oh but 2013 was the year Greg would finally see the finish line and spend time with fellow riders enjoying the end of the road  on the Seneca Indian Reservation at Wolf’s Run where Willie and Sally put on a end of the road party like no other. Fireworks, food and fun was had by all including Greg this time. He has found himself “babbling for hours“ with people about the HHMC because it has been life changing for Greg. Making the ride your own is the advice he gives to new riders. “Every choice you make out there is something you have to live with.”
While sitting in a bar in FL. Greg heard a guy say “whose bike is that with the HHMC sticker on it?” When he said it was his the guy said “I want to sponsor you.”  Ames oil was his first sponsor and Greg proudly displayed their sticker on his bike and ran their oil in his ride.

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