Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meet the New Riders: Robert Talbett, Sr. #832

Robert Talbett Sr. # 832 is from Canisteo, NY and has been riding his entire life. He shares his love of motorcycle riding with his son Rob Jr. & is excited to share the adventures of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge with his son. It was, in fact, his son who encouraged him and his friend Harold to give the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge a try. Rob Jr. wanted to ride the event and Dad says, “I gotta go with him.”  Rob Sr. will be riding his new 2015 Ultra Classic Low for the 2016 Challenge. He has heard it is pretty grueling & believes that Hoka Hey Challengers an elite group of riders.

“Don’t be afraid to pull off and rest up,” is the best advice Robert has been given about the ride and hydration is at the top of his must do list as well. He is glad his son “grabbed the ball and ran with it,” because this type of riding is where the memories of this father son team are made.

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  1. Nice picture, it looks like The Natchez Trace. The family is our biggest treasure in life. I miss my father so much, he's riding with me at all the time and protecting me from heaven. See you in Cali in a couple of months!