Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet the Rider: Billy Fultz #736

Billy, rider #736 has ridden in three HHMC events after hearing about it from a friend and researched it to find it was something he wanted to try. And after finishing in the top 15 riders his first year made him even more determined to try it and got 200 miles from the finish line in 2014 running in the top few riders and had a flat tire. Encounters with raccoons, squirrels and owls did not stop Billy and even the Arkansas dogs that kept him company while sleeping in a post office parking lot Billy takes it all in stride.

More aware now how important the “little things” in life are and knowing the friendships he has made would not have happened the HHMC has been a “life altering” experience.
Riding the hills of Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia were Billy’s favorite part of the riding he has experienced and although “manual navigation” and “2 a.m. twistys” were the most difficult thing he encountered he encourages anyone who wants to see the back roads to join him on his ride. He looks for people who like to leave Friday for a ride returning home on Sunday covering 1,500 miles with a desire for more. Knowing you will “see places you never imagined” his best advice is to “ride your ride, within your own limits.”

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