Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet the Rider: Ken Aston # 618

Ken (KC) #618 is from Aurora, Co. and has ridden 2011, 12, 13 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge after seeing it on the internet in 2010 and wanted to see if it was “something I could do.”  After riding 30 years he knows how to pack. Sunflower seeds, beef jerky and tangerines are staples on his steed. “Tangerines are easier to peel as your going down the road.” Riding parts of the Trail of tears and Natchez trace are fond memories, and not knowing what state you’re in other then “a state of confusion,” made the top of the list for KC. The family reunion type feeling a returning rider gets seeing everyone at the meet and greets and end of the road party was the “Best.”
Surprised by the women riders KC says “It’s harder to keep up with the women then the men.”  Way to keep em’ movin’ Jane and Shatzi!!!!  Sleeping in a farmers driveway and getting stirred awake by the local police officer thinking he was dead was unforgettable experience he had while choosing his Hoka hotel for the night. His experience has been awesome and is something “you just have to try.” “Stop when you get tired, sleep” is the best advice he has for new riders. He is asking his friends to donate to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.

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