Friday, April 22, 2016

Meet the Rider: Arthur Pond #724

Arthur Pond, rider #724 has ridden three of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge events after reading an article in HOG magazine. The idea of sleeping next to his bike and no electronic navigation intrigued him. After riding his first Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in 2012, on a route that started in Las Vegas & ended in New York, Arthur was hooked. He loves learning the history of the areas traveled. Being out in the open air allowed him to get to know himself better. Using bright lights and a loud stereo warded off the critters he encountered allowing him to ride safely.  He finds himself talking constantly about his adventures, encouraging those he comes in contact with to take the challenge. Stamina is key to completing the ride and although it’s not for everyone, he feels you need to be flexible. Expect the unexpected is the best advice he has been given and encourages new riders to follow the directions.   He has made tons of new friends participating in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and looks forward to what is in store this year. His favorite route ridden so far was Estes Park and although he spent an entire day lost in Louisiana found the country side very beautiful. Riding the country side has made him appreciate more people like farmers who do so much for all of us.  Sheldon's Harley Davidson and BT’s Smokehouse have been very instrumental in helping Arthur to ride year after year. His fund raising efforts for Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce or (PRACC)  are his passion since learning about the Lakota people and will continue to do what he can to support them.

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