Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Meet The RIder: Heinz Spielvogel # 332

Heinz #332 a four time Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge rider is coming back for another go around. He started riding the event after reading an article in the HOG magazine and thought it be a good way to ride to Alaska. Bears in the Yukon like stray dogs on an Indian reservation, his most memorable thought of years of riding was the “Incredible scenery.”  Real back roads, through National forests, State parks and Indian Reservations finding a stray combine to catch a few hours out of the rain and sleep. Gaining a whole new family in the process.  But the harsh reality of poverty in the United States of America and how First Nations People have been treated in the past gives him a different view then he had before.
Riding the Tetons and Canadian Rockies were favorites of his although some of the most difficult riding was in Canada as well due to the construction that seems to be unavoidable. Dust and slippery mud for miles while you drag along at 35mph behind a pilot car.  And you never know when you might be riding in snow or freezing rain. He feels this is a ride for people who want to challenge their abilities, but warns new riders to listen to their body and not their mind because your mind will mess with you. Heinz says “Lay down, don’t listen to it.” He has lots of friends following and supporting his efforts like his local tavern the Muse Tavern where they had a back yard party for him to ride his first event.

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