Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet the Rider: Jim Van Vlerah # 720

Jim #720 met ran into Jim and Beth in Columbus, OH while his daughter Abby was doing her dissertation for a masters degree in 2011 but had just had heart surgery so waited until 2012 where he and Abby road as the first Father daughter team of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, riding from Las Vegas to Irving , NY. Never being in it for the money and says the money is “overrated,” he does it for the love of the ride. Abby learned what lot lizards were while sleeping in a truck stop with her Dad so churches and car washes became more desirable place to get rest. Mosquitoes the size of bumble bees in Canada are a fond memory of his as well.  Knowing it is hard to take time away from your family to do the HHMC Jim came up with a solution to that and just brings them with. His wife Karen joins him at the starting and finish line and makes it a real family affair.
He feels more aware of how little it would take to survive after living out of a saddle bag for three weeks and has become less materialistic. He knows most think he’s crazy but finds “satisfaction” in his events. Seeing the USS Alabama in one ride really made an impact on how he looks at North America.He loves wearing his patches and has become good friends with fellow riders Bill and Wendy and has stayed in contact with them ever since.  They can share in the stories of crazy roads like CR 22 where law enforcement officers’ admit "they don’t even drive on that road but you HHMC people do." Oreo cookies by the box and smelling offensive,scary to most but harmless to those who know us they have some amazing road stories to tell.

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