Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet the Rider: Gene Adee # 71

Gene #71 has ridden all but the 2012 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Former military man Gene was sponsored for his military service to ride several events. A friend shared a link about the HHMC and he said “ YEP this is right up my alley.” A very compassionate rider, Gene took the time to have a service and burial for a duck he came in contact with.  Crossing the finish line in the daylight is Gene’s goal for this year and says he feels a lot more well rounded since his experience with the HHMC. He has seen a lot more than most have ever gotten to see and loves all the nice people with similar interests. He has made 100’s of new friends and loves all the “jaw dropping beauty” he has seen in his rides.

Passing a kidney stone is not the most common thing people do during a HHMC but Gene did, and finished the ride. He refers to the starting line of the first HHMC as a Chinese fire drill and says this ride is not a kids game. Make sure you are physically fit and remember this is not a race.

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