Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Marshall Mc Kinley #839

Marshall #839 waited to see how his son Shannon McKinley #803 and friend and fellow rider and brotherhood “Spirit riders” member Joe Lacey # 802 did in 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Marshall kept track of them and watched them go right through his neck of the woods. Not knowing this of course until it happened was quite the surprise for this entire group of friends and fellow riders. Most of the HHMC riders from that year just remember take a left at Hattiesburg, MS. because for 600 and some miles that year you stayed on the same road, US 98.  But the experiences they share convinced Marshall this was something he had to try for himself.

Riding is not new for Marshall, he has been at it for 53 years now and will be riding a 2015 Road glide. His objective is to finish and staying hydrated and being safe will help him to be successful in that. “Everyone has different limitations, know yours and stay within them.”  Helping disadvantaged in his local area is a shared passion with the “Spirit Riders” who like their name implies is lead by their faith and the teachings to “Love One Another.” And do benefits all year round.

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