Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Dave Krider #837

Dave # 837 of New Kensington, Pa. saw the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge decal on Rob Keller’s #299 bike and asked what it was for. When he filled him in on the reason we ride it really “caught his attention,” but riding with the group for a few days during the 2015 Memorial ride Dave was convinced “he had to do this.”  Leaving the Memorial event armed with brochures he immediately started sharing his new found challenge. Don’t anticipate anything, just roll with it was the best advice he has been given especially since Dave has been riding for 35 years and riding isn’t the issue for sure.
Dave and Rob have joined their efforts to support several great causes by doing concerts and events for the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce, Homeless Vets inPittsburgh, Sponsor the Troops, ALD Awareness  RobKeller & Dave Krider's Hoka Hey Journey  is the link to their facebook page. And they also have a gofundme page.

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