Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet the New Rider: Ray Stenberg #835

Ray #835 of Red Deer, Alberta, has made the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge a challenge between himself and friend Lee Wiscombe #834 to see who gets to the finish line first or “just who finishes.” They were together in Sturgis when they ran into a HHMC rider whose bike indicated “it had definitely been ridden.” So in talking to this rider they decided to check it out and signed up to ride the 2016 event from Pala, Ca. to Wolf’s Run on the Seneca Indian Reservation. 

Looking forward to the camaraderie he has heard about of like minded riders Ray will be riding his 2009 Street glide that he is “still putting together” but has until June so he’s got this. He has been told the HHMC “it’s a Challenge to makes good riders better.”  He has had offers for sponsorship but rather than having sponsors he suggested they make a donation to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Ride Hard and Safety ---- Good Luck . K.S.