Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet the Rider: Chris Drake # 190

Chris #190 is one of 10 riders to have ridden all of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge’s. He started riding the HHMC after his wife Sue read about it in FullThrottle and said “You should do this” and Chris “didn’t have anything better to do” so off he went.  “Hanging out” is his favorite part of the challenge. He finds resting in church parking lots and gas stations are best for him especially after being rousted awake by a New Hampshire police officer who told him to “get moving.”  Chris says he has worn out a few motorcycles doing the HHMC’s but finds it relaxing being out on the road on his bike. He was not a Harley rider but when he saw that he was required to ride an American made bike for the event he went out and bought his Electra glide.  Following the advice he was given to enjoy the ride and not take it too seriously Chris has continued to honor the HHMC with his participation.  He advises new riders to get plenty of rest and wear protective gear.
Chris is not “real social” but his wife is, so she keeps him informed about what is going on in the social media world and plans to make a contribution to the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce himself. His love for traveling has made the HHMC a priority because he has never been disappointed with the journey.

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